♥A Treasure That is Love♥

A simple poem about the treasure that is love.
Romans 8:35-39
John 3:16


1. ♥A Treasure That is Love♥

His love reaches higher than the heavens,

Deeper than the earth

Wider than the oceans,

A love that gives new birth.

What then, can hold His glorious love,

from reaching out to me?

That heals the sick, carries the weak,

And causes the blind to see?

For through him we are more than conquerors,

Through love he died for us.

Through love he died on Calvary,

To save a wretch like me!

Thus on that day he won the battle

He won the prize for us

That we should not suffer Hell's darkest horr'rs,

But live with Him who is Just!

Salvation now lies, held out free

A gift sent from Above

A Saviour paid the price for us,

through a treasure

That is Love♥

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