Harry Turned Me From Goody Goody To Bad Ass Like That

I was an only child both my parents died and I was adopted by a family, I still visit my sister who is 25 years old but my life is a horrible it's such a bad life I got to school with this group of naughty boys Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and of course Harry the naughtiest one of all. My father that adopted me wanted to rape me! What will happen to me read on


2. Why did he help me?

Harry's PROV 


I swear that girl looked like she got beaten up hard! He name was Nicole and yes I kinda found he beautiful but that means nothing I just wish there was a way to find out what had happened to her?? I know maybe if I ask her out she will say yes and I can find out what happened to her! I will pretended to be her boyfriend well wish me luck!

Nicole's PROV 


As I walked into class I saw Harry waving at me saving me a spot so I acted like I did not see him and I sat beside the most coolest girl in school Marisa, she acted like she was all that and her uniform had like thousands of jewels all over the place. "Move it faggot! That's Clair's spot!" I just acted like she wasn't talking to me "BITCH MOVE NOW!" I looked at her and I said pay attention! She pushed me off of my chair and I fell and hit my knees on the floor, I was crying on the inside with the pain I felt Harry ran up to me and picked me up, he brought me to my chair beside him and he went in front of Marisa THEN Marisa wined at him "Hey Harry did you see that loser fall she's a slutty bitch hahaha!" Harry gave her dirty look "Marisa! Fuck you the only slutty ass bitch at this whole school is you now get the FUCK away from her!" I was shocked of what Harry said! As he walked back the bell rang for lunch I was the first to get up and run to my Locker.

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