My Own Revolution

Boston to Philadelphia. Lorilei Cordelia lived during the American Revolution. Her family believes in loyalty but after awile she joins the Patriot side. On this side she has betrayed her family and her mother nation. Will she go back or keep fighting on?


1. Passage to America

Lorelei's POV

Dear Diary,

This is my first journal that I ever bother to keep. It was a going away present from my Aunt Chrissy. She was always so kind to me even when I wasn't that kind to her. My parents say I have a short temper and a dirty mouth.

I'm on the Dartmouth with my parents and little brother and sister. We are heading to the New
World called America. I think the port is called Boston. My parents were getting tired of the high society life. That's when my father remembered that his father [who is just about as rich as my father] has a mansion in Boston. So we are taking a rather long vacation. I heard we'll be in Boston for a little over a year.

I'm a little worried. I'll be leaving my comfort zone just to spend a year on vacation. As I look up, all I see is water. Water over here. Water over there. Water everywhere! We're going thousands of miles of open water on this floating wood. Are there any pirates or sea monsters waiting to get us? Then food supplies are low because its the start of the chilly season.

My little sister is ill and my little brother is beginning to catch what she has. There is no medicine on board or doctors. My mother is taking care of them with a couple other women on board. The only thing they can use is the hundreds of crates of tea in the bottom of the boat.

Little Sarah and Robert cough hysterically and throw up constantly. They can't go up on deck because its too cold. We can't set large fires because the whole ship is made of wood. And of course wood burns within seconds. Father is trying to convince the captain to head back for food and medicine since we only set off yesterday. The captain just shakes him off.

Then mother is with child and she too is constantly sick even though she is about two months along. Between her and my siblings all you hear is gagging. Then all you smell is the puke. All you see is it.

I'm lucky and have a strong immune system. I have gone through small pox and chicken pox when I was little. The doctor says its a miracle I'm alive. My parents say its luck. I have been sick hundreds of times and still continue to have a heart condition. Yet I'm alive.

I'm ten years old but act 14 occasionally. I have long brown and reddish hair. My eyes are a deep hazel mixed with an almost black color. I have beautiful clothes and trinkets. You see, my family is almost as rich as the King. My grandfather and father own a large part of a tea company. That's why we're on a ship full of tea. All you smell is tea and puke on this wooden death trap.

Lately the colonists in America have been refusing to pay the taxes they have been assigned to pay. Father says the taxes are to repay the cost of the Seven Years War or as most call it The French and Indian war. The latest tax was on the tea my family and many of our neighbors sell. My family and many others are starting to hurt but the pain is minimal. To tell the truth, I agree with the colonists but I keep my opinion a secret since my family is... well you know.

What else can I tell you, Dear Diary, about myself. I know, my school life! My guess your school life as you are reading this is about as boring as it is as I write this. And might I add you are the smartest in your class and Father couldn't be prouder. You were pretty much the only one who ever showed up to class. The only other one was Eric Destler. He was the cutest boy in all of His good land.

Eric Destler was the sweetest eight year old boy any lucky girl would want as a neighbor. He was the only boy within miles of my parent's mansion and the only boy to attend my school which only had about seven students. I thought we were destined to be married. I would try and drop hints to him that I really liked him but they didn't work that often. I gave up on him and just focused on my studies.

 Oh dear. Mother is throwing up again. I will write in you later Diary.


Adam's POV

"Those damned Redcoats think they can come and intimidate us! Well we'll show them!"

"Moses, please quiet down! You'll wake the boys up, again!"

"I don't care if the boys wake up Martha! Adam may be only ten but he'll be a man sooner than you think  and that goes for Levi too."

My parents were fighting for the third night in a row. They were constantly worried about a possible war. My father was headstrong and wanted to run the Redcoats off of our land. My mother who still believed in being loyal to the king just wanted to forget about the whole thing. But like I said my father was headstrong.

'We shouldn't have to pay foolish taxes on a war we didn't even participated in."

"But Moses, we are on His land and if his soldiers didn't fight the Savages and the French, we wouldn't be here and you know it!"

My father was furious to hear his wife talk back to him. At first it looked like he was ready to beat my mother like he did to me but he walked out of the house cussing under his breath. My mother was crying a river on the kitchen table. I went to accompany her.

"Mother, please don't cry."

"Adam Moses Cooper! Get back in bed before I throw you in."

"But mother, you're crying."

"I'm fine mister, I'm only worried if your Father will come back alive. He picks fights when he's drunk. If he makes it back alive, I'll be damned. Now what did I tell you to do?"

"Go to bed ma'am."

I ran back to my room and plopped down on my bed. My mother cried and my father was a drunk. Then my five year old brother has some sort of disease that makes him look different from everyone else in the town. Levi also acts really strange. The town doctor says it is a disease called autism but my father says its the work of the devil.

I feel terrible for Levi. He has horrible spasms and he can't walk or talk like the other kids in town. He can't lift heavy items which make him of no use on our farm. Then on top of being made fun of by Father, he is also beaten by Father. Every night he gets paddle because he was an idiot and was a useless being. No one should be treated like my brother, ever!

I leaned out my window to look out at the stars and out to my lovely city of Boston. Boston is the largest city in the entire colony of Massachusetts. The stars glimmered in perfect unison. The bar was full of light and the local drunks. That included my Father. I'm surprised my parents have enough money to pay for the amount he drinks in one night.

I hope we won't go to war but how else are we suppose to show that we don't need our Mother Country anymore?  Especially when they won't leave us alone? Only time will tell.

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