Jessifer and the Seven Hockey Players

I wrote a bunch of stories based off of fairy tales to bug my friend so here's one based off of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and she likes hockey so all of my stories involve hockey and a couple guys that she possibly liked or they liked her.

Jessifer is the best female hockey player in the kingdom but she is a peasent. Tylerson is the prince and the best male hockey player in the kingdom. Also, Jessifer and Tylerson are soul mates. Will they achieve their hockey dreams and foil the evil queen, Madisonus?


1. Jessifer and the Seven Hockey Players

One upon a time, long ago, there existed a kingdom of hockey. In that kingdom lived all the hockey teams in diverse villages. In those villages lived the best female and male hockey players. Those who deserved the titles were put to the test in a round robin of one on one hockey. Whoever won the round robin won the title. There was the female division and the male too. The female winner for this year was a young girl by the name of Jessifer who was on a hockey team named the Southpoint Capitols. The best male hockey player was prince Tylerson. Jessifer and Tylerson hit it off at the Best Hockey Player tournament; his mother the queen didn't approve.

Weeks after the two met, the winners were announced but after that night, the two never saw each other again. The queen was a jealous woman who didn't like anyone not paying any attention to her and that's exactly what her son did. Tylerson had developed a crush on Jessifer and was obsessing over her. Queen Madisonus developed a plan. She made a jar of poisoned tomato salsa, a jar of poisoned tomato sauce and a whole poisoned tomato. She planned on giving them to Jessifer.

One day the queen disguised herself and traveled to the far corner of the kingdom where Jessifer and the Southpoint Capitols lived. Jessifer loved salsa so she bought the jar from the queen disguised as an old woman. She opened the jar and sniffed it and smelled a strong scent of cilantro; Jessifer hated cilantro so she threw it out the window and where the jar landed, there was a small patch of dead and burned grass.

The next day, the queen disguised herself again as a different old woman and went to Jessifer's house. Again the queen sold her a jar of something tomato; this time it was tomato sauce. Jessifer again opened the jar and saw that there was no meat in the sauce. She couldn't have that so she again tossed it out the window. Now there were two burned patches of grass were visible. This time the queen saw the two patches of grass and placed the last tomato among Jessifer's tomatoes.

The queen was furious so she devised a plan so that overnight, a frost would be sent to Jessifer's house, would freeze and kill all the tomatoes except for the poisoned one which Jessifer would eat immediately.

The queen predicted correctly and the next morning Jessifer was devastated and ate the last poisoned tomato. She collapsed on the wood flooring and didn't move. That's how the Southpoint Capitols found her but when one of them leaned down, he found that she was still breathing but her pulse was faint. They tried waking her up but the eldest of the seven hockey players knew of some magic and explained that Jessifer was put under a sleeping spell.

Unknown to all in the kingdom who hated their queen and thought she was a murderer, Madisonus actually loved her people and hadn't ever killed anyone and she din't want to start with Jessifer. She usually just put them under a sleeping spell or banish them back in time.

The Southpoint Capitols had placed Jessifer in a glass coffin outside; her favorite place to be. That day, Tylerson was supposed to visit Jessifer to catch up but when he arrived, he saw her lying there and was devastated. He asked if they could remove the lid for him to say his last goodbyes to the one he had just realized he loved. He leaned down and kissed her. She woke with a lot of choking and coughing. Jessifer realized that she loved the prince too and they were happily married after the queen died. Until then, they had a secret relationship and he paid more attention to his mother which was all she wanted. The wedding was fabulous and perfect and they lived happily ever after.

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