Paige is an average 17 year old day she gets saved by someone she kind of knew but never really talked to.What will happen between them?read to find out (one direction not famous)


1. Found

I was sitting in my room reading i was really board.if you're wondering my names Paige Alise i have long black hair and blue eyes.all of a sudden i heard the sound of breaking glass followed by a loud bang coming from downstairs i opend my door a crack to see a guy walking around with a knife i was so scared i was alone and i was upstairs theres no way out. I started to panic while looking around the room.i saw my window it was a long shot but i have to try.i opened my window and punched off the screen and with that i just jumped i was going strait until a breeze blew me head first i saw the ground and then it all went black


I woke up and looked around to see i was in a hospital laying in a hospital bed."hey you're finally awake"a boy who looked really familiar said."how did i get here"i asked confused."well i was driving to the store when i saw you laying on the ground un-conches"he said."well thanks I'm paige by the way"i said."i know who you are" he replied."you know its funny you say that cause you look so familiar"i said."well i would hope so ive been sitting behind you in history for the past 3 months"he said."oh ya your the guy who keeps raising your hand for questions that you dont know the answer to"i said."ya"he said over excitedly but sarcastic at the same time."its Lewis right"(imagine she pronounced the 's')."its louis, the 's' is silent"he said."oh sorry"i said"so when can i leave this place"i said."whenever you want"he said."ok well i think I'm gonna go now"i said while getting up."thanks for everything"i said while giving him a quick hug."see ya in history"i said i then walked out the door and checked out of the hospital.i then walked outside and thats when i realized that it would be about a forty minute walk,i sighed and started walking when i heard a honk behind me.i turned around to see louis he drove up to me."need a ride"he said."how did ya know"i said sarcastically. He laughed and i went to the other side opened the door and sat inside.we drove in silence till finally we got to my house."hey do you wanna hang out sometime"he asked."um ya sure i grabbed a pen from inside the car."got paper"i asked.he stuck out his arm."ok" i said."i then wrote my cell number."thanks again by the way"i said."no problem"he said."bye"i said waiving and then i went inside.

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