CL- The Baddest Female

It's the June 2 of 2013 and Lee Chae-lin a.k.a CL of 2NE1 is about to do her very first solo performance on stage with her debut single "The Baddest Female". A performance on the TV show "Inkigayo" that will broadcast live through all of South Korea.
But how will she accomplish it when she's in fact doesn't feel "bad" at all... only hopelessly in love ?
The nerves takes over


1. The Baddest Female?

- 60 Minutes until showtime -

Cl is looking at a girl's reflection in the mirror, with one stylist behind her brushing her ash blonde hair and one stylist next to her making her face look like a porcelain doll. The girl in the mirror is no other than herself, even tough she doesn't recognize her. Her fingers play with the heavy gold chain around her neck and her lips are mumbling the lyrics of her first solo song. 

"I'm strong, very fierce, someone like you can't ever handle me. I don't have an ounce of jealousy in me. Even fortune tellers can't figure out my heart."

Sigh... Strong? Fierce? No jealousy? Well... the lyrics are correct, maybe that's the the girl CL used to be. The girl that was so confident, full of life. The baddest. Now her heart is aching and she's so insecure about who she really is. CL is still staring at her reflection, without realizing that the hair and makeup is finished. Suddenly she starts to sweat and her heartbeat is rapidly increasing. Is she having a  panic attack? Cl stands up, walks out of the dressing room and heads straight for the toilet. She locks the door behind her and sinks down to the floor. Her body has no strength left and she feels sick. 'Don't cry, don't cry' she tell herself. This is her first solo performance ever, she's all alone, so she can't get weak now! Her team mates in 2NE1 are counting on her, all her favorite girls; Dara, Bom, Minzy and also president YG and Teddy... Teddy who made the song for her. Without Teddy Oppa nothing of this would have been possible. CL owes Teddy so much. He's the one that's been helping her climb the ladder to achieve her dream. No offense to president YG or 2NE1 who have done so much for her. CL loves the group and the girls, and she hope that they think she's a good team leader. But this, this is something just for her. Hope it doesn't sound too selfish. But why is she freaking out now? She inhales deeply and starts to mumble some more of her lyrics:

"My smile is a killa because it makes everyone die. You want it, come and get it now, if you don't wanna, that's too bad."

Why doesn't Teddy see it? Why doesn't he 'come and get it' ? Does he still see her as the little girl, the newbie. The girl who thought she was so cool; rapping, dancing and playing around. CL's a woman now, a woman who's in love. Though she never thought that love could cause so much pain. Teddy doesn't see it... He never will. 

- 30 Minutes until showtime -

CL stands up, she has to act tough now and try her best. They are counting on her. She steps out to the empty hallway when suddenly Teddy walk pass her, he turns around and looks at her, their eyes meet. CL can't help it, tears starts falling down her cheeks, her chest is burning up inside, full of emotions. Teddy walks up to her and gently puts his arms around her, holding her tight. CL disappears in his big hooded sweatshirt. Her head leaning against his shoulder, smelling his fresh cologne, the fragrance which always manage to calm her nerves. With an understanding voice he tell her: 

"CL... Don't be afraid. You can do this, this is what you were born to do."

slowly he wipes off a teardrop from her cheek. 

"You are the only one who can make this song come alive, it's your song because I wrote it for you. This song IS you."

Teddy tilts his head down a bit so his lips almost touches her ear and start whispering some of the lyrics:

"Confident principles, valuable dignity. My eye smile is a given, my tears are my weapon. My smile is fire, it'll burn you up.

Now show Teddy Oppa that smile of fire, show me that confidence of yours that I always see and your valuable dignity that's so powerful. You are strong, CL, you are the baddest female, never forget that! Let's go out on that stage and show everyone! You have so many friends and fans who are here for you and who loves you. And I'll be here by your side, and I'll never leave, I promise." Teddy let go of his arms around CL and gives her a light kiss on the forehead. His kind words fill her up with energy and strength, her heart is about to explode. CL nods and they walk side by side towards the stage.

- 5 minutes until showtime -

 CL is standing by the corner of the stage. On the other side her team mates are jumping with excitement, cheering her on. She can't help but smile, they are always there for her, supporting her. Teddy is right, this is what she lives for, the music and everything around it. All of her fears disappears. She can hear her fans screaming her name. This is for them, for everyone she loves, this is for herself. Her heart start beating with the music and she can feel the rhythm flowing through her veins. She IS the baddest female, always has been. CL looks over to where Teddy is standing and give him a thumbs up. One day... One day Teddy will understand, one day she will make him hers.

- 0 Minutes until showtime -

CL holds the golden microphone in her hand, lifts it up to her lips and takes the first step onto the stage that for this moment, only belongs to her.


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