Heeeey Guurls :) I'm Daniela and this is my first 'proyect' on movellas.t's 1D imagines. For doing it I'm gonna need comments with your name and some characteristcs like hair and eyes color and something else if you wants, also the boy you want to be with (If you want with another boy apart from 1D I'll take requests they could be Justin or Ed Sheeran,etc).I'm sorry I don't think I will be start by doing dirty ones, cuz I'm not really good at talking dirty or narrating (ha-ha) but maybe later on. I have wrote fanfics but I never finish them cuz I get bored or I don't know, so I wanted to started here by doing imagines since their are shorters I plan to do a novel in the future.
PS: I'm latin but somehow I like better to write in english I feel that th words come out easily and if there are some mistakes with my gramar or spelling, I'm really sorry. Si alquien quiere me puede pedir y le hare uno en español solo pidan :)


1. Don't leave me

Hey I started with this Imagine is the fiorst one I had ever made so I hope is good and you like it don't forget to comment so I can do personals please check the description and hope you enjoy it :)


Today was the day, I was leaving. I couldn't stay any longer but the thought of leaving it's so hard. Here I have everything I ever wanted, I have my beautiful boyfriend Harry who happends to be my best friend too we told each other everything (exceot for this), we have an amazing time together, I have the lads and they had become my family, I had earned the respect of directioners adn everything was going perfectly till monday.The next day I decided I had to leave I wouldn't just sit and watch Harry's dream fall apart in front of my eyes knowing it was my fautl. Well not only my fault but I loved him way too much to do that to him. It was Friday and I had everything planned I got airplane tickets, my suitcases and I had alredy called a cab to take me to the airport that should be here in 10 minutes. I Heard the taxi so I went upstairs not forgetting to put the note on harry's nightstand. I said bye to my Little baby 'Bear' she was mine's and harry's puppy. I still remeber when we bought it for me in the fifth date, as we passed through a pet store I watch the puppy and told Harry I used to have one like her, when I was Little, on our next date he surprise me with her. I get out of the house with those feelings of sadness.


Today I was dissmissed earlier so I went to my house to see my loving girlfriend I was going to surprised her by asking her is she wanted to go with me and the lads in our next tour that will start next week, I know she would say yes so I had everything, plane tickets, credentials,etc.

I came in the house and went to the kitchen, she wasn't there I went into the living room, she wasn't their either. I was going upstairs maybe she had fallen asleep and then I Heard Bear crying and barking

-Hey baby what is it?

she went running to my bedroom and I notice Daniela wasn't there. Bear still barking came closer to me with a paper on his mouth

-Give me that baby- I told her and she did

I read it and I couldn0t belive what I was Reading Daniela had left me, she says is for my own good, What the f*ck is happening here?

I started yelling and punching, kiking till I saw Bear running down stairs, I go chase her she was the only thing I still have of Daniela. I chase her only to see her barking at the door I opened for her, maybe she can tell me where did Daniela go, then she barked at the car and I understood it. The airport. I drove to the airport. And run like crazy bear get out of my hands and started running I chase her only to find my beautiful Daniela in the queue

-Hey Baby please don't go - I said as my voice started to break down

-Harry this is for the best- she said with weakly, she had been crying her face was red and her eyes were puffy

I saw and there were 4 more persons until it was her turn so I started takin really fast, I couldn't lose her

-Baby this can't be for the best, If you leave you'll be tearing me apart, I would never m¿be happy again.

-Harry stop making things harder tan they are, don't you think I love you? and this is hard enough. I just can't ruin your dreams, your life- she said almost breaking down

-Baby whatever this is, we can fix it together. Come home, let's talk and then if you still want to leave you can. Please bay don't leave me that way I... I lov

-Harry I'm pregnant

- Wait what?- he said getting pale

-You know that exactly what I though and I don't wanna ruin your perfect famous life with a child that you don't even wan..- I couldn't even finish saying it because he kissed me so passionate yet romantic.

-Baby come home I love you and I love our child, I can't believe you were going over this. I mean this is a blessing and you were thinking of leaving. And you know what? my life will never be perfect if I don't have you in it and now our baby. Come home please- He said almost begging

-Your ticket please- said the girl breaking our moment

-I'm sorry I'm ..I'm not going anywhere I'll stay- Saying this Harry took my hand and picked bear from the floor, kissed me and then kissed my belly.


A year has passed..

And I can't believe I ever though about leaving I had the most wonderfull baby boy and Little princess. Yes I had twins. And me an Harry couldn't be any happier. I accompany in the tour until I was 7 months pregnant. Harry wanted to call fo the tour but I didn't let him, it was hard being pregnant and on the road travelling but it turn out fine and the tour finished a Little bit early because the baby's came out earlier, but it turn out fine. Harry is now touring and today he should be home and me and the baby's are specting him.

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