I know a girl

She looking for a reason to stay alive, along the way, she found five.


1. Poem

I know a girl.

I know this girl,

Who hid her pain. 

The smiles and giggles,

They kept the rain.


She hate the person,

She called herself.

So she did what she could,

She got up and left.


To a place she could not be judged,

They could not yell. 

Her room was a place,

With its own story to tell.


The walls are covered,

With 5 boys that saved her life.

They stopped her,

From going to her wrist with a knife.


They made her feel beautiful,

Like no one else did before.

As long as they're here,

She could not ask for more.


She goes to school,

And gets teased A LOT.

But she just ignores her,

They're just jealous, she thought.


She just loves her lifesavers,

It is true that is all.

And I know if they weren't there,

She would surely fall.


I told the story,

So now can you see?

That this young girl is actually,



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