Knock Out

This time you can't tap out.


9. Chapter 9

Monday returned and everyone dreaded it. I wasn't very excited for Mondays either. Anxiety ran through my blood as I thought of Stan... and harry. I' am in some serious shit. I'll have to change my name... change everything if the cops get a hold of this. I got dressed, and brushed my teeth. I stumbled down the stairs. My mom was making breakfast, my stomach growled as I saw bacon calling my name. "Good Morning...." My mothers voice was bright and cheery. "What's so great about it?" I mumbled, greedily eating the bacon. "Your brother is coming over." My mom cleared her throat. " That's great... What about dad?" I asked, excitedly. " Him and Sam are in Alaska..." Her voice trailed off. " Oh..." My hopes were crushed. Of course he wouldn't come... he never does. He's always with Sam.. his new wife. Poor Dean... probably hates him. Dad has full custody of him... mom has me. It's complicated. My mother dropped her pan at the touchy subject. " Get to school.." My mother suddenly snapped. I grabbed my bag and the bacon and left. " Clary!" Some one shouted. I quickly turned to locate the voice. I've been on edge... hell... who wouldn't? " Hey Eliot." I smiled. She half hugged Me and we continued walking towards the school. " Hey guys! wait up!" Some one hollared to us. We both turned around and to our surprise, penelope stood there with a smug smile. " What the fuck!" Eliot yelled as she ran to hug our best friend who has been missing for a while. " Where were you?" I asked, smacking her arm. My heart is pounding from joy. She hugged me tight, not letting go. " You fucking scared us!" I said in a loud voice. We were at lunch, everyone surprised to see the whole group reunited. Penelope smiled through out the day, happy to back. " Okay, now tell us... where were you?" I asked, eating my packed lunch. " Okay... listen 'cause I'm only gonna tell it once..." We both nodded. " So you know how my parents are divorced." She started. We nodded, encouraging her to continue " Well my dad took me with him... and didn't tell my mom... so my mom went all haywire..." She shrugged. I nodded in understandment. " Is that it? You werent with nick?" I asked, she stiffened. " No, actually... he cheated on me... he said I didn't fulfill his needs." She tried her best not to break her smile. The bell rang and we all stood up. " Hang out after school?" Penelope asked. " I have work, sorry." I smiled sadly. As much as I would love to hang out with the I need the money " I have to stay after class last period... sorry babe!" Eliot and I walked away from penelope who flicked us off. " ugh, you have to stay with Mr. Payne in the ass..." I sorta laughed at her. " Ehm.." Some one cleared their throat behind me. Eliots eyes went wide. I mouthed a shit And just walked away, not looking back. Eliot "Hi, Mr. Payne..." I awkwardly waved. " Don't you mean Payne in the ass."I meantally cursed at clary. He gave me a serious and pissed off look. " After class." He warned. I already knew the drill. He would say that and I would have after school detention. great. After class I stayed in my seat, waiting for the day to be over. There were no other people in detention, great. An awkward hour with Mr. Payne. " It's just me and you." Payne in the ass sat at his desk, hands together and feet crossed. " Yup." I mumbled. Thirty minutes in detention he decided to torture me and sit in one of the desks next to me. " Dude, please stop staring.." I groaned. He laughed. I've never seen him laugh. It's kinda adorable. His Brown eyes catch me staring. I blush and look away from his chiselled feature's. I stare at the board so I don't have to look at him. The air grew thick, and I feel claustrophobic. I slip the sleeves of my shirt up my arm, then put them back again. It helps me control my anxiety. " So..." He trails off. He sits in the desk next to mine. I can feel the tension. " You have puppy dog eyes." I say when I see him staring at me. " You have a beautiful smile." That catches me off guard.. I' am lost for words. " Thank you.." I smile, then let it fade. Am ' I seriously flirting with my teacher? I find it kinda fun and amusing. He catches the pencil that falls from my desk. He got up from his desk and walks to pick it up. My hair fell to my face as he slowly rose and pit my pencil on the desk. " Thank you.." This whole conversation is completely awkward for me. " Detention is over." He says quietly. I pack all my stuff and get up from my desk. Unfortunately he is still standing to the right of my desk. We face each other, the desk the only thing keeping us distant. Good. My mind wanders as I stare at his lips. What if they were plastered on mine. His hands roaming my body. His hips grinding on mine, feeling his bulge grow. His fingers rubbing- 'god! stop it Eliot!' I have to remind myself that he's my teacher, and that sort of behavior would get me expelled and his thrown in jail. He slowly leans in, My body involuntaraly does the same. We both snap away from each other when we hear the fire alarm go off. He clears his throat as we evacuated the building. The principal came out, along with the school janitors. " Sorry to disturb your work, Mr.Payne..." Our beautiful principal apologized. Her shoulder length, curly, light brown hair cascaded down her petite shoulders. She was young, in her mid twenties. " It's fine Miss Peazer." He smiled his cute smile. My stomach twisted. Am' I feeling jealousy? No. "Eliot, what are you doing here?" Miss Peazer asked. " I had-" Im gonna ruin my perfect record, well slightly perfect. " She needed some home work she had missed." Mr. Payne covered. " Goody.." She smiled. She smiled at Mr.Payne, then blushed. I cleared my throat, she snapped her head my way and said her goodbye. " I'm gonna leave.. ill see you... around." I waved awkwardly. " bye" This is all too weird. Clary After school I looked for niall. He wasn't there. My blood ran cold when I thought of what Stan would do to my best friend. I opened the bakery door. A surge of electricity flew threw my body. ~~~~ Ooooo... eliot! you dirty minded girl! LOL. Mel.
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