is this meant to be

Emily isn´t exactly the popular girl in school. Her friend Justin is the only one that cares enough to protect her from her bully Louis Tomlinson. It´s simple, she hates him and he hates her. He call her names like bitch and things like that. One day when Emily is about to go to her locker in school she spotted Louis with the popular guys in the school ( the idiots). "They can make me popular" he said. That was when he started bullying her.


1. hate

I scrolled thru all the music in my phone, until i found Drunk by Ed Sheeran. I pulled my earplugs in and started to do my homework. When i was done i went down stairs to take something to eat. I took a slice of the pizza that was left from yesterday. I went into the living room, i sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. I didn´t really care what was on, i just wanted to come away from my math homework. Suddenly i felt my eyes getting tired and walked upstairs to go to bed. I changed into my pajamas and curled up under the covers in the bed. 



I woke up to hear my alarm beep, i looked at the clock and it was 40 mins to school started for the day. My body was too tired to get up, but i knew that if i didn´t go up i should be late for school. So i convinced myself to go out of bed and started my daily routine. I pulled on a white pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt that read "You are stylish good taste". I picked my black converse and then i was done. I went down stairs to eat breakfast and there was a sign on the desk : "I went to job early today, so if you need something call me". It was from my mom. When i opened the fridge i took out an apple for my breakfast. I should eat it on my way to school. I walked outside the door and started my way to school, on my way i saw my bully Louis and started to run and he ran after me. When i came to the school i hided in a bush and hoped he wouldn´t se me. I was lucky, he didn´t. I got out of the bush and walked inside the building. When i opened my locker i heard footsteps behind me and got scared that it was Louis. "You" The one and only, Louis tomlinson said. I ignored him, but he didn´t go away. "I was talking to you!" he said again and this time i had to answer other wise in knew he would of hurt me. "What?" i asked him. "Don´t talk to me that way!" he said and punched me in my stomach. I felt the pain thru my body and felt the tears run down my cheeks.

The bell started to ring and i made my way to the classroom.

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