Enchanted Twins

Harry has a sisiter, Ciara. Living with their Pipping hot Uncle, Snoty Aunt, and lazy Cousin, makes life hard. Ciara struggles but harrys there for her. But what will happen when they are invited to Hogwarts..meeting new people in the dead of night..


1. A New Beginning


WAKEY.WAKEY!!!!!, Harry opens his eyes, and looks up at the sloped white ceiling above him

“Get up you lazy children!”

“What the?” comes a voice beside Harry. “ Err, I swear we never get to sleep past 8 o’clock IT SUCKS!”

“ Don’t worry about it Ciara, im sure it could be worse. We could have to sleep…like …I don’t know ,two birds in the one nest!”

“ Well I do suppose that’s true, you do come up with the most weirdest of things sometimes Harry.” Ciara said with a frown

“ Well we are twins what can I say…im related to a lunatic!”

“ OH, now you-”


“Coming uncle !” snaps Ciara.

“ Oh, remind me not to get you up in the mornings , I might not have a head left ! HAHA.”

“ Harry how could you be joking like this when we are stuck with our auntie and uncle and NOT to mention our spoilt brat of a cousin Fudly.”

“ True…” sighed Harry. Anyways better not make things worse. Get your dressing grown on and we’ll go down.”

A few minutes later Harry and Ciara where making there way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Ciara opened the door and looked in at their uncle sitting there tapping his fingers off the table.

“ Do you KNOW how long we’ve been waiting for you. I wanted my breakfast 10 minutes ago!” Snapped their uncle.

“ Let me guess,” Ciara said with an attitude, “TOO LONG ??”

Mrs Dursley looked round with a look in her eye that would have scared a ghost pale!

“ Young lady I don’t know what you think gives you a rig-”

“I don’t think she meant it in a mean why auntie..“,interrupted Harry.

Fudley walked in..” Our the guest giving grief father ??”

“ Aww, Fudley my son I wondered where’d you got to !”

“I was just tiding my room father, just as mummy asked.”

“ Do you hear that Potter’s??!” sneered Uncle Dursley, “he does what he’s told to do, he doesn’t interrupted unlike somebody, and doesn’t speak to us with an attitude!”

“ Do you want to know what I think father..?”

“what’s that Fudley?” asked Petunia

“I think just for being mean they should do all the weeding in the garden, rather than father doing it and having to spend 2 days in bed because of it !”

Petunia gasped, “ Why Fudley…that’s a GREAT idea! The garden needs weeding anyway and im certainly not going to break a finger nail just for a weed!”

Vernon had a great big grin on his face…

“YES!” he clapped and then laughed, “what would I do without a son like you!”

Harry and Ciara looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

“ Harry, Ciara you wont be getting breakfast…Go straight up those stairs, get changed and mend to the garden…Back AND front.”

“WAIT!” screamed Petunia..” Sweetheart don’t you want them to make our breakfast first ??” Petunia had a worried look on your face, as if to say ..you aren’t going to let them NOT make breakfast ! Harry walked over to the cooker and asked,” what is it your wanting today? I fry up even thou its not a Sunday, it’s a Tuesday!”

“ well, said Vernon thinking., now you mention it a fry would be great.”

“Err, why did you have to go and say that Harry“, Ciara said giving Harry a nudge in the ribs.” Its just more work for us to do..”

“ Sorry. wasn’t thinking clearly.”

As Harry and Ciara made their Auntie, Uncle and cousin a fry up trying to not burn it, Vernon read the paper telling them every now and again to get a move on and hurry it up.. Ciara couldn’t stand it.

“ I swear,” whispered Ciara, “im going to burn this food on purpose !”

“ Ciara No don’t, its bad enough we have to weed the garden and not eat!” Harry cooked the eggs and Ciara cooked the bacon then toasted the bread while Harry put the beans in the microwave. Dudley sat down at the table with his mum and father.

“ Harry the beans are cold, do you really think I want COLD beans with warm toast and bacon?! Snapped Vernon.

“ Of course not Uncle, I’ll warm more for you..”

“ Too right you will.”

After Harry and Ciara had finished with making the breakfast, they left the kitchen and stormed up the stairs.

“ I hate this family. I wish mum and dad where here Harry ..”

“ Me to…me too. Harry” said with a sigh. Harry caught Ciara‘s eyes welling up.

” Ciara don’t cry.. Everything will be ok , things might get better as time goes on ..”

“ No Harry they wont, we’ve been with them for ..I don’t know how long and things have only gotten worse for us…I just want to run away. Never be seen or heard by my auntie and uncle again.” Harry hugged Ciara trying to make her feel better.

” I feel like this all the time sis, don’t worry about it as soon as im 18 im moving out with you.”

“ Thanks Harry!”

” Come on, we better get down before we get banned to our rooms“., Harry said.

Harry and Ciara went down and started to tend to the back garden. Harry looking around the edges for weeds coming up through the bricks while Ciara took out the dandelions. “ Your going to wet your bed tonight Ciara !”

“ Harry im 11 years old im like what…5 years past that stage of my life.”

“ It’s just a saying Ciara, no need to go and get your knickers in a whist because of it.”

“ Har-…Do you hear that ??”

“ Ermm…” Harry waited a minute and listened.

“ All I hear is the road…”

“ Oh god Harry! Ciara shouted.” WE don’t live that close to the road !That’s not the road your hearing!!”

“ Well,” said Harry, “it sounds like…I actually cant think of anything to describe it.”

“ Err…anyways lets just keep doing what were doing before Uncle sees where not doing anything.”

“ Wait! Harry screamed. “I know what that sounds like now. It sounds just like the flapping of wings except, like metallic wings!!”

Ciara looked at Harry…


“Well…that’s what its like to me ..”

“ Look, after where done we will have look around ok??” asked Ciara.

“ Right and if auntie and Uncle ask what were doing we can say we are checking over the garden to make sure its perfect…ok ??” Harry said smiling.

“ Yeah sounds good to me Harry.”

Harry and Ciara carried on weeding the garden and after about half an hour they went round to the front to tend to the lawn and plants. Ciara walked around first with Harry behind her.

“ AHHH!!!” screamed Ciara dropping her gloves. Harry stopped in his tracks. As Harry looked up…he saw what was ..letters with wings on them! “ Ha-Harry…what the..?!”

“ Don’t MOVE Ciara!” Harry hissed.

Neither Ciara or Harry dared moved an inch.

“ Ciara,“ Harry whispered into her ear. “I don’t think its going to harm us, do you ??”


“ Ok.” Said Harry relaxing. “ Im going to walk over to them ok ..?”

“ HARRY,NO! I don’t want you-“

“Ciara don’t worry…there just…flying. Letters.”

“ Just flying letters Harry!!” Ciara gritted through her teeth.

Harry just ignored Ciara and walked over to the letters that where floating just above him. Ciara was raging.

“HARRY YOU LUNATIC!!!” She screamed. She ran at Harry in anger and jumped on him.

“ Ciara! Get OFF!” Harry grabbed Ciaras arm and throw her off.

“ OWCH!” Ciara yelped.

Harry took his chance and jumped up and grabbed the two letters. Ciara sat up as fast she could and pulled herself up from the ground. Harry ran past her and into the house, then up the stairs and into the bedroom. Ciara just got to the bedroom before Harry closed the door on her.

“ One of those letters are mine!” she screamed.

Vernon walked out of the kitchen.

“ Harry, Ciara, what’s going on up there, have you finished the garden?” Ciara was so mad she went to slam the door open but it blow open instead. A large bang was heard as the wooden door hit the floor.

Harry turned around stunned.

“Ciara what did you just do to the door…?” asked Harry shocked.

Vernon ran up the stairs and stopped when he saw the bedroom door lying on the floor.

“CIARA!!” Vernon shouted. He grabbed the back of her top and shoved her in the bedroom against Harry, Harry was in the right place and caught her just before she fell.

“ I’ll be talking to you later young lad,” Vernon sneered. He looked at them both and huffed. “ What. Why!? You’ve broken the door! You little brat!” He snapped pointing a shaking finger at Ciara. As he was about to turn around and walk away he saw something that caught his eye making him stop once more.

“ what’s that you’ve got in your hand boy ?” he asked Harry.

“ Nothing uncle,” he hid the letters behind his back.” just a few scrap bits scrap paper.”

“ well,” said Vernon, “if there just Scraps why not let me see, hmm?”

“ Because….“

“well-because,” interrupted Ciara, “their important to him!”

Vernon walked over to Harry and snatched the paper out of his hand.

“ Hey! Their ours give them back!”

“ Well,” said Vernon to Harry, “their not now are they ??!” Vernon walked over the door which was lying on the floor put the letters in his pocket and picked up the door and set it against the entrance of the bedroom.

“ Now you wont be able to get out without my permission!” Vernon walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“ Petunia! Honey come to you see what Harry was hiding from us!” Vernon said as he stepped into the downstairs hall.

Petunia walked out from the kitchen and into the hall.

“ What is it honey?” she asked.

Vernon walked past her and sat down at the dinning room table. Fudley was there too.

“ What’s that daddy?” he asked curious.

Vernon took the letters out of his pocket and looked at them hard. Petunia gave a gasp.

“ It cant be…we..”

“ I know,” said Vernon angry.

On the back of the letter was a capital H and wrote around it was, Hogwarts.

“ IM NOT having THIS!!” Vernon got up and threw the letters in the fire.

Back upstairs Harry and Ciara where confused about what all had gone on in the last 10 minutes.

“ Ciara,” Harry said, “how did you-“

“I DON’T KNOW Harry…ok ?!”

“ ok…im-im sorry Ciara.”

“ And im sorry too Harry, I acted out of hand, I didn’t mean to, I was scared you where going to get hurt or something terrible like that.”

“ well,” said Harry, “im alive aren’t I??”

“ HA, yeah you are.” Ciara knew she was in the wrong. She didn’t know what to do except cry.

“ Im SO sorry Harry!” she said and flung herself around him.

“ Oh Ciara, don’t cry I forgive you! Anyways, you where right to act the way you did, you’re my sister. I would have done the same!”

“ Its not just that Harry. Its our door…I don’t know how I didn’t it ,but I didn’t even touch it and it fell to the floor, im scared Harry.”

“ Don’t be…it was probably going to fall off anyway.” Harry put his arms around Ciara and give her a squeeze.

The silence in the room made Ciara’s sobs echo around the room, almost hunting.

Harry and Ciara stayed upstairs all day but went down at dinner time to get something to eat.

“ Daddy look Harry and Ciara are down!”

Vernon looked round and his eyes widened.

“ How on earth did you two get passed that door ??!” he asked astonished.

Harry said nothing, only shrugged like nothing had happened. “ Ciara didn’t speak a word the whole time she ate dinner. As soon as dinner was finished Fudley wanted desert.

“ Where’s desert Ciara??” He asked “ Haven’t you bothered making any??” Ciara looked up at Fudley mad.

“ Maybe you should make it yourself you lazy little BRAT!” she snapped.

My word Ciara, how dare you speak to your cousin like that!” shouted Vernon.

“ You know what Uncle, I hate this family and ALWAYS have, your evil, mean and ….and everything else that’s in the bad word, mean uncle dictionary!” Ciara got up and stormed out of the room, she didn’t even notice that the kitchen cooker had went on fire!

“ OH MY GOD!” screamed petunia “ The kitchens on fire!”

she got up with Vernon and poured water all over the cooker. Fudley was screaming like a cat getting its tail stomped on. Harry took his escape for the bedroom, he ran out of the dinning room and up the stairs. When he got to the bedroom he found Ciara sitting on the floor next to her bed crying. He walked over to her and sat down putting his arms around her and pulling her against him.

“ I liked what you said“, he said trying to make a soft joke out of it.

“ I felt so- “

she was interrupted by two bangs on the bedroom window. Harry jumped up and looked out.

“Ciara get up“, he whispered.

Ciara got up dazed.

” What is it?? AHHH-”

“SHH! Ciara do not scream or Vernon will be up her like a cheetah hunting for prey.”

Outside the window was two more flying letters.. Harry went over, opened the window and grabbed the two letters. A cold breeze shrieved up Harry’s arm.

“ Is that what I think it is?” Ciara asked stunned.

“ Yes it’s the same two letters that I had earlier,” Harry told her.

“ It cant be the EXACT two…for uncle burned the two he took off you, I saw them in the fire burnt to a crisp. “

“He BURNT THEM!!??” Gasped Harry.” I wonder what it was he didn’t want us seeing…”

“ I don’t know, but shall we not see what these letters are first before we go asking questions??”

“ your right Ciara, sorry.” Harry took his letter and handed Ciara hers. “ well who ever these are from they know our names,” Harry said with a frown.

“WHAT THE!!??” Ciara half screamed. “Hogwarts?? What’s hogwa- OH- MY- G.O.D!!”

“Ciara“, interrupted Harry. “It says…witch craft….and wizardry, it cant mean ..?” Harry and Ciara looked at each other in confusion.

“ im confused”, Ciara said looking at Harry strangely then walking over and slumping herself onto the bed.

“Hogwarts isn’t even a place…im taking this as a prank.”

“ A PRANK!” Harry gasped. “You call flying letters a PRANK!? Ciara they have WINGS! Letters with wings, that’s no prank.

Vernon was storming up the stairs every thump sounded like the stairs were going to fall below him,

“ Ciara potter… COME here at ONCE!”

“ OH no, Ciara said worried…im in big trouble.”

“ No your not …ill sort this out,” Harry said fearlessly. Vernon was standing looking in at the both of them, he stepped in and looked at Ciara…

“Young lady I ha-Look uncle cant you see she doesn’t want to talk to you, AND you know something…what she said…I think is true. Your mean, evil and a lot, lot more .” Vernon just looked at Harry with his lips tucked in.

“ You have no idea what I can do to make you miserable..im your uncle so suck it in and get used to it boy.” Harry walked up to his uncle and stared at him. The next thing Harry knows, Vernon has grabbed his wrist and is staring at the paper.

“ Now what is it we have here, hmm?? “ Harry pulled his hand away from his uncle.

“ This is something for me …Harry snapped. Something that you couldn’t tell me and Ciara..hmm??”

“ What are you on about boy??” Ciara walked over to her uncle .

“Witch craft and wizardry, what’s that all about, oh and Hogwarts!!??” Ciara said sternly.

“That’s it I’ve had it with this…this…Err!” Vernon grabbed the both of them and hauled them down the stairs and into the living room.

“ Petunia, I need you to come here at once.”

Petunia came running out of the kitchen.

“ Vernon? what’s the matter petal??”

Vernon took a hold of Harry’s arm and let her see the letter.

“ OHH no.!” she gasped. “If it weren’t for your stupid mother and Volde….I mean …dying!”

“ what was that…Auntie you were going to say…?” Asked Ciara curiously. “Something about me and Harry’s mother …what has that got to do with this??” Ciara’s eyes narrowed.

“ Nothing dare, just nothing. You don’t need…to…worry about it!”

“ Well guess what Petunia, she was MY MOTHER, I don’t know anything about her NOT a thing. like how she died. Would you like to tell me and Harry that..? Or what she looked like, since she was your SISTER!!!”

“ Your mother GOT BLOWN up and she was …Sh-”

“Hold on a second,” interrupted Harry, “you told us she died in a car accident not that she got blow up!”

“ Well, they got blow up in the car accident.”

A creak was heard coming from the corner of the living room. Vernon turned round to find Fudley crowd up in the single arm chair.

“ Fudley, go upstairs please.” Vernon said softly.

Fudley eased himself out of the slump he was in and dragged his way out into the hall.

“ now,” said Harry, “where, were we ?? OH yes I remember. We where talking about my mum and dad getting blow up, and what my mum has to do with this whole witch craft Hogwarts thing..?”

“ ALRIGHT!” screamed Petunia. “Your mother was a witch, OK!? yes I had a witch for a sister. And your father didn’t find out at first, but in time she told him, not wanting to keep a secret like that away from him. He didn’t care he loved her the matter what….well that’s what he told her… but I couldn’t bare to be related to a witch. What they do, that magic …its evil …Your mother was evil!”

“ Stop!” Screamed Ciara “ my mother was NOT EVIL!!! How dare you call…my mo-mother ev-evil.” Everyone stopped and looked at her..

“ Ciara,” Harry said softly and walked over to her. “Auntie, how could you say that.. About your own sister..?”

“ Because,” Vernon said taking a deep breathe and looking up at Petunia, it’s the truth, magic and muggles do not mix magic is evil and should be keep away from ….Muggles as we are called.”

“ Muggles?” Ciara sobbed.

“ Yes Ciara, that’s what normal people are called. Normal people who don’t do magic!”

“ Well according to these letters Im guessing me and Harry aren’t MUGGLES are we ??”

“ No…sighed Petunia, the letter are true, Ciara you’re a witch and Harry you are a wizard.”

Harry gasped.

“ That’s it,” Harry said with a hearse tone, “me and Ciara are going upstairs to bed to talk about things… Goodbye.” Harry put an arm around Ciara and walked her up the stairs. Ciara sobs being heard the whole way up the stairs.

” Harry I don’t understand,” Ciara whispered through her sobs, “im a witch and…and you’re a wiz-wizard..”

“ I know…its strange isn’t it ??”

Harry and Ciara got changed into their Pyjamas and got into bed. So many things running through their heads, “ what’s real, what’s not ?”

Vernon came up the stairs about 10 minutes and walked across the hall to their room, looked in and then picked up the door of the bedroom.

“ This door is going back on tonight WITH a lock!” he sneered.

Harry sat up and looked at him putting the door up to where it should be and making a horrible noise of screwing it back on its hinges. Ciara tossed and turned the whole time their uncle was putting the door on. Finally after about twenty minutes the door was closed and the key was turned and the door locked.

“ Thank God for that, peace and quite,“ Ciara said to Harry fed up.

“Harry?!…HARRY!” Ciara whispered.

Harry sat up, put on his glasses and then turned on the light.

“ CIARA!!!” Harry screamed. “Who…-”

“Harry…I don’t know what’s going on but…im..”

Harry was shocked to have turned on the light and found a rather large person standing holding Ciara up against him.

“ Please I beg you don’t hurt her!”

“ Hurt her…why? Harry why would I hurt your sister?…im sorry, I scared you like this but… My name is Hagrid and im a friend of Professor Dumbledore at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, I didn’t mean to startle you I was holding your sister in case she screamed and woke your Auntie and uncle up.”

“ HOGWARTS!” Harry half screamed. “I mean, the letters…you work at Hogwarts, its real??!”

” Of course its real Harry,” Hagrid laughed. “I’ve come to collect you and take you to Hogwarts…tonight…now I know that your both 11 ,right??” “ Correct,” Ciara said confused. “But…our door is locked how do you plan on getting us out of here ??”

“ well,” Hagrid said quietly, “I have a plan.” Hagrid went over to the window, took out a wand from his coat and waved it at the window. The window came out of the wall and was floating in the air, Hagrid then lowered it a little and then let it fall to the ground below with a crash.

“ Hurry now kids we must be getting out before your…” suddenly there was a sound of chatter and foot steps coming up the hall.

“ Oh no…our Auntie and Uncle have heard!” Harry said quietly.

“ What’s going on in there…HARRY!? Vernon shouted. Vernon started to Fiddle with keys and then tried to open the door to the bedroom,

“ Ah wrong one,” he shouted.

“Hurry Harry!” Hagrid took hold of Harry picked him up and climbed out the window and onto a motorbike with a extra seat attached to it. He throw Harry into the drivers seat and then took hold of Ciara and let her climb into the extra set attached to the motorbike.

“ Move to the seat behind you Harry so I can get in” , Hagrid said. Harry climbed over and Hagrid climbed into the drivers seat. Hagrid just started up the bike when Vernon and Petunia came brushing in.

“ NO! cried Vernon, “I will not allow these kids to go to a magic school!!!” “

Sorry Mr Dursley..too late!” Hagrid then drove off into the night turning off his head lights…

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