If I Die Young.

Leo is a normal boy until his 16 birthday when he is told he is a being of shadows that has been living in the light. He is now being hunted by "shadow horrors". Now he is running for his life.

1. 16.

Leo walked down the stairs. "16 already" he said to himself. for today was his 16th birthday. He did his normal morning routine. make breakfast, get dressed and go to school. On his way he noticed his best friend Kevin. "Hey dude" he said smiled. "happy birthday" Kevin waved at him as their bus came to pick them up. They climbed on board. They then sat in their spot at the back. With a few glared that were new. Once they sat down Kevin said "They were glaring at you." Leo just looked out the window. Some shadows on the ground moved around but abnormally.

Leo's day was exactly like any other day. Except for the odd shadows that moved abnormally.

Once he got home he looked in a mirror to fix his hair and he noticed his eyes were bright red. Not normal green. "MOM!!! DAD!!!" he yelled running up to them "why are my eyes red. AND GLOWING!!!" he yelled.

"Leo it's time to tell you." his mom said. "your not human" his father continued.

"THEN WHAT AM I!!!" he yelled angrily.

"Your our son. but part shadow demon. Like me" his mother said. Leo started thinking that's why those shadows were moving! " so today I was able to control shadows?" he asked

His mother looked at him confused. "Only those with pure blood can. But I'm no pure blood"

"Then how am I like this?" he asked

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