hi this is my 1st short story and I am lost as to where I am going with it. if you have any ideas after reading it please tell me. and I am also stuck for a title. please help!!!!


1. ----------

“I don’t understand why you brought me here Jake.” Holly is a 14yr old vampire. She has long ginger hair and blue shimmering eyes. She is very in to style and fashion. She adores the colour turquoise and her dream job is to become a clothes designer. But of course she’s a vampire so she knows that won’t happen. Her brother is also a vampire and has ginger hair too. He has glimmering green eyes and is into cars and racing. He loves the colour blue and his dream job is to be a racing driver. However for the time being he is trying his best to be an amazing brother for his little sister. He has just taken holly to a graveyard for her Christmas present. “Well here you go… think all these bodies, so much blood, just for you,” holly’s face brightened up and then it dropped almost immediately, as she was so disappointed in Jake. “What?”
“ I just think it is unfair on mum, she is one of these.” Their mum was a human and had been killed by their father who was also a vampire. “Not really” jack queried holly.
“ yeah mums lasts words to us were don’t suck blood.” Holly said this as if jack should have instantly known what she was talking about.
“I do not wish to take part in this Christmas present.” She paused for a minute or two. “And I don’t think you should either.” A tear came to her eye as she walked away but she had to hold it together.

The next day was a Monday so the siblings went to school. They were schooled at blood high and were two of the top students. Straight A’s in their BLOOD’s and were favourites of all their teachers except one. Mr Theodoric. He had short brown hair with strands of grey just peeping through. He often said that this was his dream job but everyone knew it wasn’t he had wanted to be a scientist but had been refused he only came here because he could be a science teacher. He always wore brown which made him look gloomy and horrid. Which he is. He had always hated their dad and now hated them. But he had been nice to them today and had started grinning every time he walked past the two of them.
“Holly and Jake Shade can I have a word in my office NOW!”
“Yes sir what is a matter.” Asked holly in a very polite and kind tone.
“You are both expelled.” Came Theodric's roaring voice.
“What why.” They both replied in sync with a tone of horror in their voices.
“ why?... I’ll tell you why. It is because Jake here was seen last night sucking the blood of two humans who had been lying peacefully in their graves.”
“I told you to leave…how could you.”
“Now leave and never return. “Sirs stern voice suddenly began to make them feel terrified. They left the room and all of hollies friends began to question her about the office situation.
“He expelled us.” Holly welled up. “I can never see you again… goodbye.” She began to cry and then pulled it together again.

After they had gathered everything hollies friends stood round the door and one by one said their goodbyes. One of them said “hey Jake where are your friends oh I forgot you don’t have any.” And laughed.
“Hey he may have got us expelled but he is still my brother” she was almost shouting but not at them more at Jake. “Bye guys.” As they walked off holly began to say things to Jake like
“how are you gonna explain this to dad” and “I told you to leave and you disobeyed me. I know I may be younger than me but you know that I can detect trouble.” This was a condition she had when she was born.

The door. If they walked in now Jake would have to explain what had happened, but if they left it till later they would have time to think of a plan. “Let’s go to the park 1st.”Said Jake as if he had forgotten that they had just been expelled.
“No. you have got to tell dad what you did whether you like it or not.” Ever since dad had killed mum he had never left the house and was the most sensitive person in the world. Soon after the death he realised what he had done and regretted it ever since. “Have you got your keys?”
“no”came hollies voice.
“ you do know I can hear you, I’ll let you in and then you tell me what has happened.”
“What do I say?” Jake whispered
“tell him the truth.” replied holly.
“click.click.click.creek” the door opened and in the door way stood a tall man with jet black hair, red eyes, a large grin and massive muscles. As you move further down his body you find the biggest hands but they looked soft as if he looked tough but had a caring side. “Don’t stand out in the cold silly children.”

“And that’s what happened.” Jake spoke like nothing had happened. Dads face turned pink and nearly cried but managed to hold it back. “I’ll just have to home school you then wont I?”
“That went better than I thought.” muttered Jake to himself. “When do we start dad?”
“Tomorrow.” Dad left the room.

The next day work began. They did science, drama, PE, French and double ICT. It felt weird having a dad as a teacher.

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