Diana Rose *complete*

He saved her but he doesn't remember.


1. Run

I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I didn't know how long I had ran nor how long I would run. I just couldn't stop. It was a night of November but I couldn't feel the coldness anymore. Steam was going out of my mouth at each breath I was taking. I saw street lamps' light slipped away as I ran beside them.

I felt an atrocious pain in my stomach as I tried to run faster, making me wince. My entire body wanted to stop but I couldn't. I had to go on. I ignored the throbbing pain and kept on running.

The more I was running, the less I was able to breathe. My lungs were aching, trying to catch a puff of oxygen. How long was I going to be able to run?

I arrived at a crossroads. Without even looking at the traffic lights, I crossed the road quickly. Was I still followed? I turned my head to look behind me.

Suddenly, I bumped violently into someone. I fell on the floor, pain overrunning me. Tears started to run down my face, blurring my sight.

I felt someone lifting me up. I grabbed the person's arm and tightened it. I tried to look up but my neck was aching too much. Then, I saw a face above mine and caught a glimpse of brown eyes before passing out.

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