A historical fiction novel


1. Prologue

It was the first snowfall of the year. Large, thick flakes floated down around me and settled themselves on to the slippery pavement beneath me. I held my coat tighter around my body in a useless attempt at warmth. Silly, really, since the temperature never lifted above -5 in December.


Picking up my speed, I walked briskly through the run down streets of Prydion. Street sellers were packing up for the day and families were returning home after a trip to one of the nearby towns. A begger boy, no older then eight, stole stale crusts from the bins.

As I neared the orphanage, I darted down a small, narrow alleyway.  Pressing my back against the wall, I stepped sideways until I came to a dark brown door, unseen to most people. Knocking four times in succession, the door was quickly opened and I was admitted entrance.

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