My Cinderella Story ( Justin Bieber story )

" Dad , what happened to the princess and the prince ?" I asked my father . My father had always read me stories , but this one caught my attention .
" Well , they lived happily ever after . " He said shutting the fairytale book .
" Do you think I'll find my prince someday dad ?" I asked , looking up at him . He smiled .
" I think you will . Your a princess , princesses have to have a prince ." He assured me , I smiled .
" Honey let me tell you something else ." my father said taking a seat on my bed .
" Whenever you figure out your dream , go chase it . Don't give up babygirl . " He said kissing me on the head , and walking out of the room .
I wonder , when will my prince come ?


1. Repeating the past

The earth trembled under my little feet , making me stumble to the ground . My dad later came in and looked at me worriedly .

" Daddy why is earth shaking?" I asked him . His eyes were full of worry , and mine were too .

" Honey , I have to go help your step mom . I love you babygirl ." He said and kissed my forehead . I grabbed his arm , not wanting to let go .

" Daddy please don't go! I'm scared !" I screamed over the rattles of objects in my room . My eyes locked on my fathers and he shook his head .

" I love you ." He said and walked away from me . 


I sighed as I closed my fairy tale book , and threw it to the corner of my room . He didn't want to save his daughter , he went for the bratty woman who treats me like crap . It still erks me how he fell in love with her , she was generally mean. She never once told me she loved me , never gave me a hug , never said a simple sorry . As much as I dislike my , so called , step mother I worked for her . Well , actually my dad . Ever since my dad died , she took it over and that's the job I had always wanted . So , I work for her . I don't only work for her in the resturant , I work for her everywhere . House cleaning is always my job too . The only thing she does , is lay in the tanning bed . Which doesn't help her at all , I mean , her giant nose seems to scare off any guys . 


" Samantha get down here now !" my step mother called . I rolled my eyes , and jogged down the stairs.


" What ?" I asked her , making my way to the living room .

" Um  you have to go to school !" She said . I nodded my head slowly .

" I know . I was fixing to come down until you yelled my name." I said slowly , I grabbed my bag and walked out . My car was sitting there and I smiled , it use to be my dads . That's why I loved driving , I felt like he was there with me. 

I drove to school , and of course someone was in my spot . I scanned the car to find the boy I had wished it wasn't ..


Justin Bieber 


Other than his gorgeous looks , his caramel brown eyes , his million dollar smile , he had never ever talked to people like me . His girlfriend was currently Amber , the biggest girl in high school .Justin , being the biggest guy in high school , played for the football team . And might I add , he was fairly good . Unlike most girls or probably all girls , I loved watching football. It seemed entertaining to me . 


I walked up to Justin and tapped him on the shoulder , not only him turned around , every single friend of his looked at me . 

" What's a nobody like her doing here ?" 

I frowned , and Justin looked at the guy.

" Leave her alone man . She didn't do anything to us ." Justin said , the boy shut his mouth making me smirk .

" Did you need something ?" Justin asked looking into my eyes .

" Oh , uh , y-yeah . You kinda - " I stopped and looked at him .

" You know what , nevermind ." I said turning around and walking to my car. I felt a arm grab me , so I whipped around .


" Sam , hey ! I'm not a jerk like those guys , seriously , what did you need ?" He asked me . Only my dad had ever called me Sam , and I actually missed my nickname .

" I was just going to say you parked in my space , and there's no other places . It's okay though I can walk ." I smiled at him , he shook his head .

" No that's rude of me Sam . I'll move it's okay ." He said smiling .

Why was this guy so nice to me?

I looked over at his friends , snickering and laughing , while staring at me . I put my head down in embarassment .


" Why are you being so nice ?" I whispered to him .

" I - Um-"

" You're probably just gonna go talk bad about me and make fun of me behind my back Justin ! Just do it to my face ! I'm sick of being bullied ! Isn't that what your gonna do ? " I said , his smile was now a frown .

" No I'm not that kid that makes fun of people , that's just them . " He said pointing to his friends . 


" At least you have friends ." I though to myself .

" You don't have friends ?" he asked .


" I only have one , and it's a guy , I don't have friends because YOUR friends made a rumor that I slept with someone ." I said , He frowned .


" You have two now ." He said winking .

" What do you mean ?" 

" See you later best friend ." He said walking away . I sighed and grabbed ,my books . It wasn't until after he left I had realized something .


Somebody in this world actually wanted to be my friend 




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