Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


1. Chapter 1


Justin's P.O.V

"Waaakkee up jussstiin!!!" Jaxon said jumping on my bed 

"Jaxoon go awaay" I said really annoyed. I groaned then my dad walked in

" Justin wake up and take your little brother to the pool". " Fine but can Alfredo, Ryan, and Chaz come too?". "Sure but you have to take care of jaxon" 

 "Fine!!!!" I said a little surprised. I got up and changed and took jaxon to the pool in the hotel and met the boys there.


When we got to the pool Ryan, Chaz and Alfredo were already there.  "Sup guys" I said , "Suppp" they all said at the same time. We talked at the bench for about ten minutes. "So, Selena broke up with you" Ryan said. "Yeah but i'm not sad or anything but whatever". The truth is I loved Selena but after being with her and finding out the truth about her and the way she disrespects me my fans and especially my Beliebers. We kept talking but jaxon kept botherng me.

" Justin i wanna get inside the pool" he whined. "Hold on jaxon Im talking" , I screamed, Then jaxon ran off crying somewhere but i didn't care.



Evellyn's P.O.V

Today i decided to go to the pool in the hotel im staying in. When i was walking i bumped into a little kid crying. "Omg i'm sorry are you ok", He looked really sad and hurt. "No" , "Whats the matter??". "My brother doesn't want to go to the pool with me" ,  A tear slipped down his cheek. "I'm sorry What's your name Cutie?",  I said giving him a hug . "Jaxon, will yew cowme with me to the pool?". "Well today is your lucky day Jaxon",  "Is thawt a yews".  "Yes it is" I said smiling "yawyy" he said making a little happy and i giggled . We got to the pool and i put my bag on the bench available. "Wait here i'm just gonna take my clothes off",  "owwkeyy" he said. Luckily i had my bikini under so i just took off my clothes there.




Justin's P.O.V

 I was on my phone looking through my newsfeed . When i remembered about Jaxon. Omg my dad is gonna kill me. I started panicking.  "Guys Where's Jaxon??". "I think I found him" Ryan said pointing over to the other side of the pool i looked over to where he was pointing and saw him sitting in the bench in the other side of the pool and the most beautiful girl i've ever seen taking off her clothes. The boys seemed to notice an started staring too.




Evellyn's P.O.V


 Once i finished i saw some boys staring at me at the other side of the pool, I just smiled at them. Then Jaxon came up to me giggling and then whispered in my ear , "My brother and his friends like you" , he said smiling. I just laughed with him.



Justin's P.O.V


I saw jaxon whispering something in her ear and they both laughed, I got up and went over to them. ''Excuse me, I'm sorry for my little brother'' she turned around and looked at me. Wow she was more prettier in person. ''It's ok he just wanted someone to go to the pool with'' she said smiling. ''By The Way My Name is Justin'' i said sticking out my hand.

''Nice to meet you Justin My name is Evellyn''  she said shaking my hand i instantly  felt butterflies in my stomach. ''Evellyn thats a beautiful name'' I said she started blushing, she was so beautiful. I couldn't help but check her out and bit my lip. i guessed she noticed because she snapped me out of my daydreams. ''Take a picture it lasts longer'' she said winking at me and grabbed jaxon's hand and they both walked to the pool.



Evellyn's P.O.V


He checked my body up and down and then bit his lip. I decided to tease him. ''Take a picture it lasts longer'' i said winking at him, I grabbed jaxon's hand and went inside the pool. I put my feet in the water and watched over jaxon.  ''Evellyn gewt inswide the pool pwease'' he said with puppy dog eyes. ugggh i couldnt say no to that face.  ''I dont know Jaxon''. ''Yeah Evellyn Get inside'' Justin said. ''Why don't you go inside Justin'' i said mocking him. ''Fine'' he said then jumped in the pool and splashed water all over me. ''Omgg its cold'' i said stuttering. And He just started laughing with Jaxon.



Justin's P.O.V


i jumped in the pool and splashed water all over Evellyn and then I

started laughing with jaxon. i looked over to Ryan, Chaz, and Alfredo and saw them laughing thier Asses off. ''Thats not very funny , The water was very cold'' she said dissapointed. ''It was funny  for us''. Then i started laughing even more, then her phone started ringing.



Evellyn's P.O.V


My phone started ringing so then i picked it up. ''Hello''

'' Hello Evellyn, its Me JT''.(Justin Timberlake is my manger) ''Oh ha, Whats up''.

''Evellyn your late again  for your meeting'' he said. ''Shit i forgot , I'll be there in 5''.

''Ok bye'' he said a little mad. ''Bye'',  i hanged up and grabbed my purse and put my clothes over my bikini.



Justin's P.O.V


She was talking on the phone, it seems like she was in a hurry.  ''I have to go Guys Bye Justin And Jaxon''.  ''Where you going?',  ''I have to go to, I'm Sorry Bye''.  ''Wait'', I screamed but she was already gone , crap i forgot to get her number. ''Nice going Justin'' I whispered to myself.


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