My Poems

This is a poem i wrote of when i lost a lot of people i loved and my bestfriend who backstabbed me and this is my first poem so i hope you guys like it.. xx


1. New Start

New Start

This is the new start.

The new beginning for a new year.

Who knew a new start can feel twice as good?

It give you time to change yourself.

For the new you.

That's what each day is.

For each hour of the day,

You can change who you are.

Bit by bit you can try and make a better you.

The one who you always wanted.

Not by pretending to be someone who your not.

The you that no one can ever copy.

There's only one you and that's what makes people who they are.

New start,

New beginning,

New life.

I hope that this new life and person can be a better person than before.

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