Lock And Key

For the people who have yet to learn from others mistakes.


1. Lock and Key

For every lock, there is a key.

For every key, there is a lock.

Keys can be used to open up lots of things.

Doors, chests, and the occasional person, or a person's heart.


So, along with every lock, every person has a key,

and this is where stupidity over- rules everything.

Some people, like many others, give their key to the person they want to have it the most.


Those people don't seem to keep in mind the presence of reality.

That people are cruel, and mean, and will do anything to take others down.


Which is why some people need to be more careful.


Now, other people, have gotten their key taken.

How is that?

Their supposed "friends" or "crushes" sneak their way in, and grab it, without a second glance.

Some of those friends or crushes, use it to unlock you,

and reveal all of your secrets,

exposing them to anyone, and everyone.


Then, there are the people who lost their keys along the way,

the ones who never really thought about love, 

or close friendship,

and dropped their key as they went.


They say to be guarded:

Never wear your heart on your sleeve.

My biggest mistake,

 and what I'm warning you now;

Hide your lock, or don't ever wear your key on your neck.

They'll snatch it.

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