No Wizard Left Behind

In the world of Harry Potter, Harry's kids are off the Hogwarts for their magical education. James, Albus, and Lily are all ready to learn magic alongside of Ron and Hermione's kids as well as Neville's, Fleur and Bill's, George's, and all the old characters you have come to know and love, (and hate.....). But when Hogwarts is attacked by some of Voldemort's surviving Death-Eaters, they are forced to use their powers to protect Hogwarts and kill of the remaining Death-Eaters. Oh, and did I mention all the professors are being held captive by the Death-Eaters as well? This book is an action-packed, comedy with a little romance squeezed in here and there.


1. The Train

"Lily!James!Albus!Hurry up or we'll miss the train!" my mum shouted. She was always so pushy when it came to time. We always had to be at least 15 minutes early to where ever we were going. That was mum's rule. Mum always said that if your early your on time, and if your on time your late. I didn't mind being early, I just minded being yelled at for being too slow and mum yelled at James a lot when it came to time...and cleaning his room...and grades....shall I continue? James was what we considered, the problem child and he was usually the last one there. This would always end in mum yelling at him. He didn't mind it so much anymore. I would always ask him why it doesn't bother him and he would always say, "You get used to it after a while, I guess." Albus was a whole different story though. He was always the one with the best grades and the one who could make you happy even in the darkest of times. He was very quiet and shy, but if you got to know him, he could surprise you. He is one of the best examples of the saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." But me on the other hand, am a class-A-chatterbox. James always says that you could get a bird to stop singing in mid-spring, faster than you can get me to stop talking. I have to agree with him though, I mean, I will talk to anyone who will listen. Besides, it's not all nonsense that comes out of my mouth. Most of it is just ideas that I have to get out of my head. I talk about things from my books mostly. That's another thing I do constantly,read. I will read at least four books at a time. I have never looked at a book and said,"That looks to hard to read" or "Nah, I don't have time for that." 

I heard the sound of my cousins Hugo and Rosie's laugh close by. I looked around for them and then I saw my dad and Uncle Ron talking. Looked at Albus and saw him quickly push his cart through the crowd. I followed him until we hit a gap and saw Rosie and Hugo with Aunt Hermione. She was zipping-up Rosie's pea-green jacket. Rosie always wore that jacket when it was cold outside. That jacket was so old and worn out though. It had holes where the elbow patches should be and the right pocket was unraveling. I had worn it a few times before and I must say that it was very comfortable but, it was so old. She says that it was worn by her mum during the battle of Hogwarts and that it will protect her at all times. It's not my jacket so I don't have a problem with it. 

"Now Rosie, I expect nothing but perfect behavior. I don't expect perfect grades, although they are strongly encouraged. Do your best and....."Aunt Hermione gave Rosie this speech every year. It was always the same.

"And never do anything James thinks is a good idea." Rosie said with a sigh. "Good." said Aunt Hermione. We all gave our goodbyes and hugs and kisses and we all boarded the train.

The train was packed as usual and we all pushed by to get our own compartment. We usually have to share it with another person or sometimes even a few people.We scanned around, but we couldn't see past all the people and me being the shortest, could only see the backs of everyone. James craned his head over the sea of people and shouted over the others, "I FOUND AN EMPTY COMPARTMENT GUYS!!!" We all pushed through the people and squeezed into the compartment as we all gave a huge sigh of relief. Hugo pushed the door closed so all we could hear of the outside was faint muffled noise. Rosie began to lift her heavy luggage up, over our seats. Rosie brushed her wavy, brown hair out of her eyes. She was so lovely.  I had always wanted to be just like her and look just like her because she was practically perfect. She always had the best ideas and she was always the smartest of the group. She is the person I always wanted to be and the person I will never be.

"Lily,where do you want your luggage?Up here, or in the seat next to you?", Rosie said to me in a voice that sounded out of breath from lifting all the trunks up. "Uhhh, you can just haul it up their if you have the energy." I said back snapping back into reality. Hugo and Albus began swapping schedules. I sat down in my seat with Rosie and James on either side of me. Then we all jumped when the loud, high pitched train whistle screamed. I could feel the train wheels slowly turning and beginning to warm up. Hugo opened the open with a click and looked for our parents. He suddenly began to wave his hands up and down and side to side violently. We all sprung to our feet and joined in with Hugo. I saw my mum and dad waving back and Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron too. We didn't stop waving until we left the train station and pulled out of the tunnel. We all sat down and Hugo closed the window. I closed my eyes and murmured to Rosie, "Wake me up whe we get to Hogsmead."     


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