Harry Potter's Family After the Fact : Year 1

This is about all of Harry Potter's family after well the whole story takes place. It starts right after Harry gives Albus his little pep talk.


1. The Run in With a Good for Nothing Jerk

Albus' Point of View (POV)

My Dad just got done with his little pep talk about being in Slytherin or not when I bumped into Scorpius Malfoy on the train.

"Hey,"  I said.

"Hi," he replied

"I know we should not be friends, I mean our fathers were sworn enemies for a while, but I don't want that to happen to us," I continued.

"Okay, but I may have to be rude sometimes, to satisfy my friends," he replied.

"Could you try not to be please?" I countered

"I will only do that when my other friends are around," he countered back.

"See ya," I said and left.

I figured it is a good idea to keep my enemies close.


Scorpius' POV.

I just said bye to my friends when Albus Serverus Potter ran  into me.  I hate him.  His dad almost caused the downfall of my father.

We had our little conversation.  The only reason I agreed though was because my father told me not to get into fights with Weaslys or Potters.  He knew as soon as I could I would though.

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