don't go #2

previasly on Don't go #1.Leyah was leaving Zayn.Zayn was sad and devastated that Leyah was gone.Zayn had to find her again.


1. calling her

Zayn's P.O.V

I was trying to contact Leyah all night but she didn't answer any of the calls.I got worried that she was never going to call or text me again.I had to find her."Zayn." Harry called."Yah." I said."Are you gonna eat breakfast or what?" He said."No i'm not hungery." I said."Ok suit your self." He said to me."Look Zayn I know she's gone but you have to move on man." He said to me."I can't Harry I never felt like this with any girl." I said to him."I love her.You should of seen me last night I couldn't let her go." I said."Well,look at it like this you could skyp her,call her,and text her." He said."I tried to call and text but no answer so I don't know if we're ok or not." I said to him."Zayn come downstairs we got something  for you." He said.I went downstairs with Harry and saw a picture of Leyah I loved it so much that I put it in a picture frame in my room.I felt a little better with the picture they gave me.I called Leyah one more time then it answered."Hello." they said it was Leyah."Leyah." I said in my phone."Zayn is this you?" She said."Yah it's me.I miss you so much.Where are you?" I said."I'm in California." She said."You are." I said to her."Yah I am." She said.

Leyah's P.O.V

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