I'm not sure about this


1. Date

I finally plucked up the courage to call dan, we spoke for hours, I couldn't stop smiling, we arranged to meet up because he said he wanted to take me out on a date. 


It was the morning of the date, I jumped out of my bed and got in the shower.

1HR later:

iv done my hair and makeup, I'm not looking in my wardrobe for an outfit, I have the cutest one in mind, my black disco pants with my white converse and my favourite baggy top.
I got dressed and then my phone buzzed, it was dan texting, he said he was waiting for me at the park round the corner from my house, I couldn't stop smiling. 

I went down stairs and told my mum I was going out, told her I loved her and picked up the spare key of the dining table, she yelled "bye, love you darling" as I left the house.

I got to the park and there he was sitting in the shade under a tree, he looked so beautiful. He saw me walking towards him and he stood up to greet me, he said "hello gorgeous" I smiled at him, I could feel the butterflies in my tummy, i held my arms open for a hug, he hugged me and said "so iv made reservations at the best restaurant in town because I wasn't sure what you'd like, then I thought we could go see a movie" while smiling at me, I replied "that sounds perfect". 

He took my hand and we started walking, he was being all cute stroking my thumb with his while holding my hand. I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot. 

We arrived at the restaurant and took our seats near the window, we were sat side by side and he had his arm around me, I looked at him and he smiled and kissed me on the cheek, then the waiter came over to take our order. 

we had finished our meal and was ready to pay, I got my purse out of my bag, dan looked and me and said "don't be silly, put it away" I just giggled and did as he said.

We left the restaurant and took a stroll around the park, he was being all romantic, cuddling me from behind. he said "yano, I enjoy spending my time with you (YN)" I turned round smiling looked into his eyes and hugged him tight. He squeezed me hard and whispered "baby, we're gunna have to start making our way to the cinema" so we started walking.  

we entered the cinema and he asked "what film would you like to watch?" I replied "it's up to you" with a big grin on my face, he said " I'm really not bothered I just came so I could spend time with you" I smiled at him and he giggled back, he said "we'll just get tickets for the one that starts next" so we joined the queue.

we took our seats in cinema, dan had the popcorn and I had the drinks, we put them down and got ready to watch the movie.

The movie started and he slowly grapped my hand and smiled at me, I smiled back, all I could think about was how much of an idiot I must have looked because I was just smiling so much. he looked at me and pulled me close while saying "I want to cuddle with you" so I adjusted my self so we could cuddle, he put his arm around my shoulders as held my hand with the other one. He said "that's better" while smiling hard.

I got like half way through the film and it was starting to get a bit cold so he pulled me even closer and hugged me even tighter while kissing me on the head he said "I'd give you my jacket but I don't have one baby" I replied "it's fine iv it you to keep me warm" his smile just kept growing bigger. 

The film finished and we left the cinema and he walked me home, he said "iv really enjoyed today, I hope you have too and I hope to see you soon" as we arrived out side my house, I said happily "of cores you'll see me again, today was amazing" 

He hugged me one last time and then left. All I could think about was how much I really loved him. 

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