Another Life

This story takes place in the big city, New York. Angel is just a normal girl living in a normal life, secretly desperate for something to happen. But when one day, in her ADHD life, she later found out, that her prayers have finally been answered. But will she enjoy it as much as she thinks she would?


1. All my Life


Chapter 1: All my life.



RIIING. As I woke up to the sound of my extremely disturbing alarm clock. It's 7AM in the morning and I already hear car horns, and grumpy office workers screaming out the window with they're coffee in his hands shouting at the people in front of them. A few minutes later, I would be on a car and my dad would do exactly the same, just driving me to school. That's the life when you live in the most "popular" city in America, and if you haven't found out yet, then yea, the big apple, where the empire state building is. New York City. 

  As I say goodbye to my angry dad with his coffee, I always think, could this be the last time I would ever do this routine again? nah. I try to not think of it. I am just a normal person, I was born, going to school, going to get a degree in something, going to get a job, going to fall in love, going to get married, have kids, have grandchildren and die. But all my life, I have always wanted, something to happen, something extreme that could change my life. For now, the most "Extreme" thing is my exam coming up, I don't even worry about it, my grades are excellent, but I have studied of course. I see my reflection in the bathroom mirror, right before the exam, my wavy brown hair at my sides, messed up and tangled as usual, and a normal black tank with a burgundy plaid jacket (dark green stripes), skinny jeans and converse sneakers.

  Quick update on myself, hi I am Angel, yes my name is just so godly (Authors note: If you are extremely religious, I am sorry if I have offended you.) I am not a part of a "clique" or anything else cliche. I am simply a normal person, living in the background. You see, I am not a girly girl, I skateboard, and wear super casual clothes. I am not a big eater, I like popcorn, because I am a movie watcher, I love movies, and acting, but I am too shy to ever audition for a role. My mother left me and my dad when I was like 2 months old, I am ADHD, so I move quite a lot and it's annoying to my friends and my dad. Me and my dad aren't exactly the richest people in the city, in fact, we can barely pay my school fee, I am trying to get a full year scholarship for college,til now it's just been me and dad versus the world.

  I read my last notes and got ready to enter the classroom, I hope I ace this test, not like I haven't aced any test before, I have straight A's, and no I'm not a nerd, but I get paid for tutoring, so that's a plus? I suddenly feel this protectiveness of myself, like something bad is going to happen, I got a chill up my spine, but I push that feeling away, not now. Not now that something extreme is going to come, I need that scholarship to go to college, I need it for my dad. I take a breathe, sit down, and start writing my exam essay.




Authors note: what do you think? It's my first movella so sorry if you don't like it, I'm working on the other chapters as we speak.



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