I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


1. The Call

'You don't know you're beautiful'  started playing from Jessica's pocket. She got her phone out and answered it.


"Hi, is that Jessica?" said a familiar voice, except Jessica couldn't place were she had heard it before.

"Um, yes"

"Hi, is your mum around?"

"Um, no"

"Sweet, it's Harry Styles ringing. I know this will take a little sinking in, but I'm your brother."

Suddenly Jessica realised where she had heard that voice. The One Direction interviews she watched twenty four seven.

"What? You mean, Harry Styles from One Direction?" Jessica asked in disbelief. 

"Yeah. Look, it'll be better to talk face to face. Do you have skype?"

"Yeah, I'm Jessevans"

"Cool, I'm Harrypotter, ring me when you get home"

"ha ha, Harry Potter, Harry Styles" Jessica laughed. "Are you a fan?"

"Been obsessed since I was ten"


"Cool! Um, when you ring me on skype, make sure your mum doesn't see."

"Um, ok, but why?"

"I'll explain later. But it's very important." He said seriously.

"Um, ok, see you!"

"see ya"



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