New Beginning

A new beginning starts each new day. We can all have a new beginning if we want to.


1. New Beginning

A new beginning

Starts each day

To give us another chance

To be born again


No ending to come

Until we are finished

With all the work we have to do

New beginning


Sometimes it kills me

Just to know

How people live

To see the things they do


Our door may close

But that is the beginning

For another door to open

Every time there is a new beginning


Words are spoken

That can not be taken back

Watch your tongue

Words hurt and do not heal


Unless they are spoke with love

All the understanding

Care and meaning

New beginning


Don't say goodbye

Stay around

Let me see your face

With your grace


When you look my way

Whisper my name

Hear my answer

Listen at my plea


There is always something to do

If you want to see me

Call my name

New beginning


This is no play

And no game

Watch what you say

When I join you


Don't pretend not to care

When it is written on your face

That you really love me

A new beginning

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