What Is Love: Love Is Paper (Book 2)

The second book in my poetry series: What is love? If you haven't read my first poem, Love Is Water, go read that now! This is being entered in a comp so copyright Yasmin Sachdev lol idek what I'm doing


1. Love Is Paper

Love is a blank sheet of paper,

It can carry possibilities and pledges.

It can fulfil your desires and empty heart,

With a single sketch.


If not cared for or cherished,

The pencil lines will smudge,

And disappear for good.

Then the promised masterpiece leaves you stranded.


It may be plain and lifeless,

With a thin, diminutive fashion.

But it depends on the person, on the people,

It depends on the imagination. 


Ripped, torn and crumpled to a ball,

You can't always fix it with sellotape.

It will always leave a mark, a bad memory,

It will never be the same again.


But don't buy a new piece,

Don't start your love again.

You will eventually fix it,

You'll just have to wait until then.


Frame it and make it last,

Admire its beauty.

Not red roses, not phone calls,

I give you paper, I give you my all.

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