Water, Water Everywhere.

By a lake, lay her fate, for her past was nothing to be proud of.


1. Water, Water Everywhere.


As she lay,

By a lake, her thoughts come rushing back.

For what's she's done,

To be ashamed, for what's done is done.


In the lake, she see's her mother's face.

Tears trickle down, to meet the bath of blood.

She takes a breath, one last one.

As she sinks in her face,

What's done is done, she repeats in her mind.

She must now face what comes.

Water whirls, around her, as she drifts away.

Her body drifts, out to sea. 

To meet her future, she must face.

From the tears from her eyes, to the ripples of water in the sea, 

There is water, water everywhere.....

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