Struck by Love

Elena is having her year abroad in London, England. She is focusing on her studies and trying to be the best student that she can be. Her life was normal. She had normal friends, went to a normal high school, and had normal grades. She was just walking down the sidewalk minding her own business when love literally came crashing into her.


1. Pilot

Julia and I are on the plane to go to London, England. We are both super excited because London has some of the most richest history ever. Julia and I both are studying classic literature. We started out as regular Texas teenagers who wanted more than what others settled for. We dreamed of being world famous authors and writers. The only way to know how to be the greatest author ever is to learn from the older greater writers. 


We are getting off of the plane and we head to the baggage claim and try to get a taxi. After waiting, we are finally hailing a taxi, and we are heading to our host home. 

We are finally arriving at the home. It seems like a regular family home. We are walking through the door and an older couple approaches us calling themselves Elizabeth and Fitzgerald. 

(Fitzgerald-Normal Elizabeth-Bold Elena-Underlined Julia-Italicized)

Hello. My name is Fitzgerald and this is Elizabeth.

We would like to welcome you both to our home.

Thank you both very much. This means a lot to us.

Well, we just ask you to keep your room clean and not bring parties to the house.


Well, we should probably show you both to your room.

We are walking down a stuffy narrow hall when we stop at the second door on the left.

This is your room.

She opens the door and I see two twin beds, one desk, a wardrobe, and a door that led to a closet. 

I hope that this meets all of your needs. 

It does. Thank you very much.

Ok. Well I will start on supper and you two can settle in and maybe go and walk around. Downtown is not that far away.

Ok. Thank you.

We are unpacking our bags and then we are going to go walk around London and take in the sights. Maybe we'll get some inspiration for a poem or story.


(Julia-Bold Elena-Underlined)

So. What do you want to do now? Go get something to eat? Just walk around?

I say just walk around.

Ok. Well before we go, I have to use the bathroom. 

Ok. I'll just read.

Be aware, though.


Of cars going by, people walking. You tend to get lost in books.

I can't help it! Books are interesting.

Just be safe. Okay?


I'm reading Twelfth Night and walking on the sidewalk.
“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” I was reading intensely in my book when, all of a sudden, I hear a man's voice yelling "I got it, lad!" and he knocked me to the ground.

(Bold-Elena Underlined-LouisTomlinson!)

Oh. I'm sorry. I should've seen where I was go-

Sorry love. Frisbee makes go crazy sometimes.

You're famous! You're Louis Tomlinson!

Yeah. I'm flattered.

Sorry. You probably get that a lot.

It's ok. 

Can I get an autograph? Even though I'm out of my teen fangirl stage?

*laughs* Yeah.


*winks* See ya around.

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