Secret Walls

Jay Khan's father has investigated violent crimes and murders for years. Does he care? No. Not until the day masked people in a white van kidnaps him and only left him with grey walls and a shy girl. Suddenly Jays is realizing how lucky he has been, not knowing the truth about the dark side of life, the life that his father has been trying to defeat for all those years.


1. Prologue

"Don't touch her!" 
I can hear Jay walking around me like a lion, protecting me from whoever is trying to reach me. I try to open my eyes, but I can't. I have completely lost control of them, and they stay closed like they were glued together. My head hurts. I can barely think with the pain pulsing around my head like it is going to explode. My lungs are on fire, my legs are stiff after running, and the pain in my stomach increases, and I can feel the heat from the blood spread over my chest.
I can hear a soft voice of a man trying to calm Jay down, telling him that they are here to help. Jay doesn't believe him. He is driven by adrenaline, and even thought he is used to think in stressful situations, I can hear in his voice that he can't figure out whether to believe this man or not. But we have to believe him. We have no other choice. I have no idea of how many they are, but even if I wasn't paralyzed by pain and injuries, our chances of escaping them is extremely small. Our best chance is to willingly follow this man and hope that he is telling the truth.
 'Jay' I try to say, but I cant. I have no strength left in me to form a single word. Not even a word as simple as his name. Instead a silent wail escapes my lips and I can read from the panic in Jay's voice, that he heard it. "I know." I must have passed out, because the conversations begins to lose meaning. "She is dying, don't you think I know that? Don't touch her!"
"We have to get her to the hospital," the man says. 
"I'll see the ambulance before I believe you." I can feel Jay close to me, as he steps backwards towards me to block the way. Am I dying? I didn't though my injuries were that seriously. A twinge of pain raises in my stomach and suddenly my body crumbles without my will. I can't control it, but I can feel I start shaking. 
"Jay!" To my own surprise I hear the words escape my lips, almost like screaming gasps. "' You 'ave to trust 'em." 
I can hear him standing right above me. I can barely hear his voice through the pain. "You'll be alright, I promise."
Is someone lifting me op? What is happening, did I passed out again? Who is the one touching me? I can see light and feel the warm returning to my body. Jay? Another twinge reaches my body, this time worse that it had ever been. "I promise," is the last thing I hear before the darkness reaches me.

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