Kidnapped By who?

Ever been Kidnapped by a murderer, well its not good read about Brittany who gets Kidnapped by a murderer does he kill her or grow feelings for her but does she fsll for him after he kidnapped her READ THIS


1. Can anyone Find Brittany?

Brittany’s (P.O.V)

I was walking home from my friends house at night and i felt like i was being watched or followed. I saw the shadow of a black truck so i started walking faster i heard foot steps behind me they picked up there pass i ran into a alley no where to go then everything went black...


Charles (P.O.V)

I killed my girlfriend i needed another girl so i saw this cute girl walking at night i needed her so i followed her i could see she saw me so i sent my guys out to get her but she ran into a alley not smart then my guys got her. we took her back to my hide out i put her on my bed she looks peaceful so i left her there and locked the door and window i needed to get food.


Brittany's (P.O.V)

i woke up in a dark room so i opened the blinds where am i ? i tried to leave but the door it was locked. No this can not be happening i looked at the police reports on the walls for the same guy for murder this is not happening i have been kidnapped by a murderer i backed into the wall and knocked something down i was cleaning it up till i heard the door open and footsteps behind me i turned around and saw the guy in the pictures it was him "iiii i am so sorry for breaking that" " great i have a innocent girl i love it" he said he gave me some clothes to change into when i get out the shower and gave me a slap on the bum and then he left the room and locked it back.


Charles (P.O.V)

The next day i went to check on her she was sound asleep she looked so cute like she was the one for me but she wouldn't love a murderer who kidnapped her. i brushed her hair out her face she shivered by my touch and opened her eyes and moved away from me is she that scared of me i thought she had fear in her eyes like i was gonna hurt her  " um i brought you breakfast its on the nightstand for you" oh umm thank you" she said in a scared voice.


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