On my way to starbucks

Kiyara just moved to london when she un-packed her last boxes she goes to starbucks..she meets a tall curled hair boy named harry he makes kiyara melt! But what will happen later?? ...


1. On my way to starbucks.

I was walking to starbucks,my friends always told how cool and nice starbucks was and i just had to be there once.It was really cold outside and there was snow everywhere.I was waring my bleu wintercoat and my matching uggs.As i finally reached starbucks i opend the door and i was just so happy ,it was really warm in there.As it was finally ,my turn i orderd a coffee laté,my favourite.I took a little zip of my laté and i burned my toung lightly.There was a place at the window where i could sit,so i whent and looked outside the window .'gosh london is so beautiful' i was thinking.i recently moved to london,before i've always lived in antwer,belgium.I tought london had something charming and atractive .And i just felt that london was the right place for me.I didnt finished my laté jet but i decided to go back to my flat.An older woman opend the door for me,i thanked her and as i was walking out of the door i saw a boy he was standing against the wall with hes hands in hes pockets ...brown curled hair,tall,and so handsome.he looked me straight in my eyes,hes green eyes made me melt.he gave me a litlle so i smiled back while i was slowly turning red.I decided to continieu my walk but i couldnt stop thinking of those green eyes.I was walking,everything was coverd up with snow.I didnt know london that well so i was just walking around a little bit after a while i realiced that i was totallylost.I didnt know where i was and i didnt know what direction i had to go...i just whent left than i whent to right and after that i went left again i really didnt know where i was.As i slowly started pqnicking i heard someone shouthing "hey you please waith.."i turned around to see who it was...than i saw that boy that boy that totally made me melt,i saw him walking towards...me... i started blushing"im so sorry for following you,but my name is harry and i just need to know yours cause your sodamn beautiful"i wshyly looked at him and i started to blush even more i didnt know i could turn that  red."my...my name is kiyara"i said ."waaw,heey do i haer an accent"he responsed"yeah i just moved to londonbefore i've always lived in belgium."ooh really?so where do you live"harry asked me "hahaha good question im totally lost"i shyly answerd."soo isnt that the perfect axcuse to take you home with me?"harry said"please'"he was beggibg me with puppy eyes"okay sounds great"i laughed at him we started walking to harrys home wich was 1.30hours of walking  but we talked about everything.he told me he was on the xfactor and than i noticed i was walking home with harry styles from one direction...i was trying not to react to loud but i asked harry"are you harry from one direction?'"yeah "he responsed...he was smiling at me,i smiled back and turned red we talkd about everything i told him i was a singer and model as well .He looked at me ...whell isnt that the perfect apurtunity for a duet ... we bught laughed as we continiued walking .

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