Felix never lived a happy life. Running away was the wisest option, or so he thought.


1. First night

Thunder bellowed echoing the mood in his parents' house. Another plate thrown at his smashed like the lightning above the roof. Shouting. Loud deafening shouts aimed at him like bullets to the heart. 'I need to leave here.' But where to turn?

All his relatives were the same. Shouts.


Racing, racing through the forest next door. Stumbling over dead leaves and tree roots. Rain soaking his skin. He stops, listening. His senses seemed more alert. Closing his eyes he could feel every drop of rain. Alone, he decided that's how he'll stay.

The owl hoots and the wind howls. Breathing deeply. Not his breath. Who's is it? His forehead creases then a twig cracks.

His eyes flash open. Electric blue. Heart pumping, he is running again. Faster. Faster this time. He can sense running footsteps behind him. 'Don't look back.'

It's them. He knows it's them. They've probably come armed with plates and more shouts for him. He needs to go. Quickly. To cover his tracks he escapes up a tree, and prays he won't be found. 

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