Saved By The Bell

When 17 year old Dancer, Layla Olly meets the biggest boyband on the planet in the most strangest way possible, what will happen? Her mum and dad are always fighting at home and it becomes too much for her. But how does she handle it?


1. Speechless

We were just relaxing in our dressing room having a laugh ready for the concert to commence. " All saturday Intermediate dancers to the under 14 dressing room, we need your assistance, thankyou" We got up and filed in, in our hip hop costumes helping them into there sky-blue tutu's. I was helping Lottie into hers. Yes, it is the Lottie Tomlinson, she was like a little sister to me, i had been helping teach her since she was 8 years old. Just as i was about to finish helping i bumped into someone behind me. " oh im so sorry" as i spun around and i could have fainted right then are there. It was Harry Styles. The boys came in to wish Lottie good-luck. I was lost for words, i looked like and idiot, what do i say? The bell went off for all the dancers to be ready to begin. Lottie grabbed my hand and we ran to the wings so i could watch her performance Few! i was saved by the bell.

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