its about time you come back

hey soo my name is litsel styles yes my brother is harry styles from one direction our parents died IM 16 HAVENT seen my brother In 2-3 years im all alone with no one if your wondering i cut it makes me feel better i smoke weed when im depressed and i drink to get stuff out of my mind but what happens when my brother harry finaly comes home and im in love with his best mate what happens when he tell them im off limits


1. ugh


               I'm going to start of by  introducing my self well people call me as the "badass" girl in school just because I smoke drink do stupid shit ditch school talk back to the teachers.My name is Litsel Styles yes I'm Harry Styles sister but I haven't seen him in like 3 years  he was 16 to auditon for the x factor I was only 14 when he left me and my parents were walking outside when some guy passes around shooting both my mum and dad I tried to do my best to save them but I was scared. I was put in a foster home because no one of my family wanted to care for me Ive been leaving in a foster home for 1 year but I escaped cuz it was like hell in there so I went back were I lived it looked like a hunted house but its better than leaving in a foster home.

my favorite color is purple & black

my favorite food is pizza

I haven't had a boyfriend for like 1 year

soo it means that im single plus who is ever gonna like me im hideous

I have no friends yes im a loner call me that ill fucken hunt you down now on with my story

                      I was sleeping in my old room it was dusty when my alarm goes on ugh I have school I thought to my self. I got up I changed into some black ripped skinny jeans my favorite shirt that says "fuck you" and I left my hair in a ponytail. and headed to hell its school by the way when I got there I was walking down the hall when I hear a girl whisper to her friends "ewww look at her shes soo ugly what a loser" I got mad I threw my shit to the floor I went up to the girl I got hher from the hair and told her "look bitch don't be fucking messing with me if u don't want me to start a problem okay next time if u have something to say to me grab some balls and come to my face don't be a pussy and talk shit behind my back" I told her throwing her to the floor. I was walking away when I hear her yell slut to me I turn around punching her in the face making her bleed from her nose I gor her from the hear I threw her on the floor I started kicking and punching her. "ayy whats going on" I hears some one yell I turn around fuck its the principle. she saw me kicking the gril she got me from the arm and took me straight into her office. "what the hell were you doing litsel" the principle said, "kicking her ass what else" I yell to her. "don't yell at me young lady" she said. "well she called me slut what em I supposed let her make fun of me then go give her a big hug congratulating her "  "well your fucken stupid" I yell getting up leaving school I went to me house found my blazer I started cutting lines on my rist it was pain full but the pain felt good. after I cut my rist I went to go get my weed  I opened and made the cigar   and started smoking I finished smoking my weed and fell into a deep  sleep fuck my life I thought to my self.

  hey guys what do you think about my new fanfic hope you like it

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