Black Foxes

You know how some teenage girls jobs are working at a fast food place and other things like that. Not us, The Black Foxes, we're six highly trained girls who are thieves, the best thief. We're known all around the world. There's Lilly the one who gets fire-walls, security systems, stuff like that down form her lab-top, and she's the pretty one too. Then Destinee and Lena the great fighters. We all are good fighters but their the best. Emily, the distraction. Heather, she's like the watch dog. Then there's me, Jess, the Leader and master thief. We never did anything wrong till one night we have to rob One Direction, but the thing is they have something of mine and I can't walk up to them and ask for it back or they'll know I'm one of the Black Foxes but if I don't get it back they, my team, will have to kill, we've done this once before to the seventh member and now if I don't get it back I'll die and I only have one week.
-Black Fox


1. Prolog

Jess' P.O.V

 "Ready girls?" I ask pulling on my half finger tip gloves. All five par of eyes are on me and they nodded. "Good. Lilly, you know what to do." I say. I close my hands letting everyone know its time. "Heather, you still with Lilly. Destinee, Lena with me and Emily, go distract. Got it." I say opening the van door. Me, Destinee, Lena, and Emily hop out. I go in one direction to find a away up to the roof as Destinee and Lena follow. A few minutes later we where on the roof. We stopped at a sky light and look down. "There it is girls." I say opening the sky light. The diamond sat right under it. I was hocked up to this thing that lowered me down into the room. Something went off as I grabbed the diamond. The doors flew open and there where five faces looking at me. "Sorry boys, but the Black Foxes need this." I said. Thank god my hair was over my face. Liam flew forward grabbing my wrist. I was pulled up by Destinee and Lena but he had ripped my bracelet off. And that bracelet was the logo of the Black Foxes. It was like X's and O's but the O's were hearts. We got back to the van. Lilly was driving getting us far away form their house.

"Did they see your face?" Heather asked.

"No, but they got something." I said holding up my wrist. Lilly slammed on the breaks. "What the hell!" I yelled.

"Jess, look." She said.

"Girls out make sure they don't see your faces."I said before leaving the van. "No way the Black Foxes are going down tonight." I said. We all lined up in front of the van heads down.

"So these are the Black Foxes. Show us your faces, girls." Someone said.

"Girls, stay down, get ready to run. meet back at my place." I said so only they could hear me. "On three, one, two................. Three!" I said. We all took off run in different directions. We all made it back to my place okay.

"What did they get? Form you, I mean." Emily said. I held up my wrist where my bracelet would-of been. She gasped making everyone else look at me then they all gasped.

"Jess you know what that means." Lena said.

"Yeah, NO DUD!" I screamed.

"We'll give you a week before we have to... for you to get it back." Lilly said.

"You can't kill your leader!" I yelled. Thank god no one was home.

"We did it before, remember you were the one who killed her." Emily yelled back.

"That was different." I snapped.

"She dissevered to die, I don't!" I yelled.

"She had as much as you did to dissever to live!" Everyone but Destinee yelled. Destinee never said anything when our group went like this.

"She dissevered to live. For god sack she was my sister!" Destinee yelled. Making everyone silent.

"And you killed her!" She yelled pointing to me as tears fell down her cheeks. "If you don't get it back in a week, I'll be the one to kill you." She said. I nodded.

But I'm still leader till then." I said. and they nodded.

"We need you, you're one of the best." Emily said.

"Can you guys leave. I'm really tired." I said. And they left.

Destinee's bleached blood hair was half up half down and she was in a long black dress holding a sword. She was walking around me. I was changed to the floor, and bleeding. I looked to my left to see Lilly on the ground. Her wavie brown hair was down like always, she didn't move and her eyes were missing that light that made you alive. She was wearing a white dress that had blood where her bellybutton was. She was bleeding it was her blood, she was bleeding to death. I turned my head to the right to see Lena and Emily holding Heather. I could see the hate in her eyes. She was looking at Lilly's body then at me then to Destinee. The three of them looked nice and dressed up. Lena was in a long dress like everyone else but hers was red and her black hair was up in a messy bun and Emily was wearing the same thing as Lilly, her hair looked perfect. Her side bangs that went left and the highlights. She had tears running down her cheeks, all of them did, but Destinee. Even Lilly had a tear fall down her cheek. Heather was in a black dress like Destinee. Her hair once in a beautiful bun was down or coming down trying to get out of Emily and Lena's arms. There was something on top of me. Cursing my lugs and knocking the wind out of me. "Stop! Stop! You're killing her!" Lena screamed. Before everything was soundless. "Thats the point." Destinee yelled from on top of me. I could feel the blood leave my face and my heart beat slowing down. "Any last words?" She asked. I couldn't speak, I had no air to help me. I closed my eyes. "NO! JESS! KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!" I heard three voices yell. I felt a sharp pain.

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