Something She Doesn't Know: I Love Her, {Justin Bieber and 1D FanFci}

Y/n is a famous actress, model. She sings but she's too shy to sing in front of people. Her heart has been broken to many times. Suicidal? yes, Bullied? yes but at school where no one can hear her cries for help. Boyfriend? please no boy could never like her Friends? a few. Y/n is 18 and gorgeous but she covered by blindness to see it.

Justin Bieber 19,famous singer, actor, model. Got millions of girls hearts in the center of his plam,but his heart belongs to another. That another is Y/n. He can't find the words to say to her, but he learns her story and can't help but wants to her away from the drama to be together.

One Direction, also has millions of girls hearts in their palms, They also learn's Y/n's story, and they want to help her, help Justin.

Will they ever end up together? Is Y/n the one for Justin? This is their story, love,hate sad, broken hearts.


1. Chapter 1: Pain


Y/n's Pov:

"Bitch! you are so annoying!" Bittany screamed as her and her crew kicked me in the stomach. I cried in pain, as i coughed blood on her new heels. Bittany screamed in annoyance, and with that she kicked me in the face leaving me for dead, well almost.

Mintues later, i found myself being pulled up by my best friend, Jade. Jade is 17 and has glossy, curly brown hair that goes down to her lower back, blue eyes that are the perfect color of the ocean. Oh should i introduce myself? I guess but you'll hate me everybody here. Y/n Y/l/n, famous actress, and model. I'm 18, and bullied, sucidal, you name it, i'm just the most hated girl here. Jade took me though the hallway with eyes all garling at me with hate, Jade took me to the girl's bathroom.


Inside of the baby blue walls of the girl's bathroom, Jade, Hannah, Xenaa, were carefully cleaning me up, Hannah has short wavey red hair and emerald eyes, she's 16, Xenaa has medium straight brown hair also but with dark blue highlights, she's 17 too. I had black and blue bruises all over my stomach, and arms. I had a shiner, and a few cuts on my legs, and wrists from cutting myself. Jade,Hannah, Xenaa are my only friends here at school, but out in the open? Same friends no one else. I looked at myself and was distinguished by myself as always, but good thing was that I brought make-up to cover everything up, well almost, i also brought a green long sleeve shirt , and jeans, I went into the bathroom stall, got changed and sat down on the toilet, putting my head down crying softly, I've done nothing and yet I wanna died.

I walked out wiping my tears away with my sleeve, i grab my purple backpack that Hannah brought in with us. '' Y/n You gotta stand up to Bittany, and sluty ass crew.'' Jade said slamming her hands on the counter. '' I can't i'm scared that she won't stop even if i did'' I said turning away, hiding falling tears. Hannah walked over and rubbed my back and said '' Y/n should do it when she's ready'' '' I agree'' Xenaa said trying to calm Jade down from breaking things. I looked at my friends, i took a deep breath and said '' I do it when i don't feel like i'm worthless, which is impossible cause of them'' ''Why do you put yourself down like that?'' Asked Xenaa. I didn't answer cause they all knew the answer.

I walked out of the bathroom with them and whispers all around, I don't care, they're all the same. I wish that just one time i would go to school without the pain.


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