Safe and Sound

A cruise to New Zealand for school! Could life get any better for the adventurous teen Tess?!

A 2 day cruise on the Pacific Pearl with the rest of the year 9's in her school was going to be a blast! So much to do and see, Tess and her friends couldn't wait!

But disaster strikes on the first night of the cruise, an unexpected storm creates massive waves which eventually causes the ship to capsize. Most of the passengers on the boat are flung into the raging water, including Tess.

Tess awakens on the sandy shore of an island, exhausted she lays there half dead, shivering.

What feels like a blanket is suddenly layed across her, she forces her eyes open and looks up. A boy, not too much older than her looks down at she dreaming?! "The name's Jackson," he says, eyes as blue as the ocean on a perfect sunny day. "but you can call me Jack if you like."


1. Prologue

All I remember from the cruise is one minute, I was leaning against the ships decking  rail, staring out at what looked like an endless stretch of water which somewhere, met the starry sky in the horizon. I was so lost in my thoughts, trying to take the view in, the gentle waves calmingly slapped the side of the Pacific Pearl as the cruise ship headed towards my year 9 camp destination; New Zealand.

I had snuck out of my cabin, being the outgoing person I always had been. No one else was really around, they were all sound asleep in their cabins on the cruise ship.

So they didn't even know it was coming.

Well, neither did I actually.

It crept up on the ship like a cat creeps up on a mouse, pounces on it, plays with it, then kills it.

That's exactly what the storm did to us.

I didn't even get to say goodbye.

It was all so surreal, when the Captain yelled at us all to get on the life boats it was too late! The ship was already tipped over so far that the lifeboats were unreachable. There was so much screaming and crying, the boat made a final creak before it finally capsized, and I was flung into the raging storm water below.

When I met Jackson I was half dead and he knew that, but he still managed to grin and introduce himself.

I know this sounds crazy, but regardless of the circumstances, with him I felt Safe and Sound.


There is the Prologue complete....any good?

This is my first story so there's loads I need to improve on! This is Adventure but it has a bit of Romance in it too! Hope you enjoy!!!

Thanks for reading all the same :)

xx Jess



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