Paris Potter

Meet Paris, the famous Harry Potter's long lost twin. Like Harry, Voldemort tried to kill Paris. Like Harry, he had no success. Luckily, someone adopted Paris and sent her to Hogwarts. Paris starts to remember, step by step, that Harry is her brother.


1. Nice, Warm Meal

Paris's P.O.V

 I woke up to the smell of warm oatmeal. Yum. I sat up and stretched around making sure what I smelled was oatmeal. Yup. My mom makes the warm, most delicious oatmeal in the history of the most awesome oatmeal ever. My stomach roared to remind me to get up. I slipped on my fuzzy slippers and walked to the kitchen. "Good morning mom!" I chirped as I saw my mom making her coffee. She turned around. "Good morning hun" she said, a bit drowsy. I sat down at the table and drooled buckets when I saw a bowl of oatmeal on the counter. My mom noticed me and took her coffee and the oatmeal to the table. She drank her coffee as I swallowed whole my oatmeal. I heard footsteps at the door come and go. Mail! I walked to the door and picked up 2 letters. I walked back to the table looking at both. One is lighting bills. The other is some weird letter addressed to me. I handed the letters to my mom. She'll know why one has my name on it. "Those bills again. It seems like I just paid yesterday" I pretended to be interested but I didn't really care. I just want to know about MY letter. Finally, my mom looked at my letter. Her face went pale. "What's wrong?" I asked. Was my name on a letter really that bad? "I-I have to tell you something" "What? What is it?" I asked. My mom never acted like this before. "You're a wizard" she said. I burst out laughing. Wizard?! There's no such thing!! I looked at my mom's dead serious face. Was she serious? "I'm serious. They exsist. You're a wizard." "What? No! If I was a wizard, you would have told me you were one too!" I exclaimed. She frowned. I saw her eyes get watery. "I-I'm not your mom" what? What?!? WHAT?!?!?! I started breathing faster but my eyes still got watery. "What?" I managed to croak out. "I-I adopted you." Tears were coming down her cheeks now. "In a orphanage?" Tears were coming down my cheeks too. "No I found you" she cried. "I'm so sorry" she started crying hard now. It took a while for the information to sink in but I soon joined her crying and hugging. I had no one and this kind woman decided to keep me. I still love her. For me, she's my only mom. I wonder what happened to my old mom. Maybe she didn't love me. At least I had someone. And I love her with all my heart.

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