The power of fame

its a story about behind the scene of Liam Payne the one direction member.
how he must feel outside of the red carpet, fany parties, cameras and loads of glamour.

How he must have felt when he said he was #done, the experience of hate and love at the same time.

What the power of fame can do to people, and how the fans act like when they dont think the person act like he should.


1. The beginning

Five boys auditioned for X-Factor in 2010, they all auditioned solo, and none of the boys knew each other.

it was the first audition for Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis, but for Liam, no, he had been in x-factor before, so he knew what he was doing.

They all made it through the first couple of auditions, but then, they all got out. Just as the five boys were on their way to go home dissapointed, the judges came running after them, they got the chance to be in a boyband, they all said yes, and it was the beginning of the world biggest boyband ever.

the boys didnt won the x-factor but they came as number 3. and fast they got a record deal, it was the fandom who decided One Direction couldnt die, it was the fandom who made the five boys survive. since that day, they have only grown bigger.

They made an album and it all went crazy, people began to follow the five boys around, they wanted autographs and wouldnt let the boys get some privacy.

the magazines began to write about the boys, and the world really got to know them, the radios played their songs, papparazis followed them everywhere, they began to hold concerts, and they sold out, completely in no time. Theyeven sold out Madison aquare guarden, the world most popular stage in the world, it was henomenal how fast they grew, they just kept growing, until they today are the world biggest boyband. No one coould have told that they would be so big, it was really phenomenal, it was  wish which came true, no one could have told, not even Simon Cowell.

Why they grew so fast, no one can tell, but they did, and it was amazing, suddenly one direction were everywhere, they have grown bigger than Beatles, and faster.

Then they got a record deal with Columbia records. In november 2011 they made their debut with the album Up All Night. Up All Night have 10 songs, example one thing and what makes you beautifull

One Direction was truly phenomenal, Up All Night became the fastest solden debut album in Great Britain november 2011, and soon 2012 they were the first british boy band ever to become number one on the american billboard 200.

Soon they became more fameous, they began to hold concerts, for example in the Madison Suare Garden. They were indeed phenomenal, they made a nem record, they got MSG sold out in less tan a minute.  

The boys were very thankfull, so to give the fans a massive thank you the boys wrote on their twitter, example Liam Payne wrote:" Wow msg i can not wait its going to be the best night ever thank you so much for helpig us sell out madison square gardens!!!! :)x"

The boys were indeed  thankfull on their fans, it was when they realized that they had the best fans ever. This was when the fandom really got serious.



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