'Ever since that day, daffodils have been my favorite.'


1. chapter one

As I ambled up the sidewalk to my home and my faded yellow skirt fluttered around my thighs I thought of you. 

I thought of you and how absurd it was that I fell in love with you. 


I never thought that I'd do that; fall in love. I never thought I'd meet anyone who I could be proud to call mine.

But especially not someone as lovely as you. 


I always told myself while watching romantic movies and reading love stories that I'd never be like them. I flipped from page to page absentmindedly, reading through the same old things.

It was cheesy and all too repetitive.

How could your heart beat faster at the simple thought of someone?

How could you get butterflies from hearing them talk?

How could your world stop spinning at the mere sight of them?


Then I saw you.

And those things happened all at once when you said hello.

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