1. Half of me

     I feel like half of the unwanted, I really don't know what happened but to tell you the truth I think i'm better of. Here I am on the cold hard ground no clues yet but i think i must of hurt my head and forgotten everything even my name.  The last thing i remember is running away I really don't know how to explain but i was just running. In the gleaming valley I spot  see a tall girl with hair  with a rich shade of mahogany blowing in the wind. her eyes were like two drops of coffee. She really seemed to be the picture of perfection. I had to go up to her and find out where I was. I got up slowly looking rustic and not that keen. So i went by a close river which was on the right of me, I splashed the water on my face and tried to dust of my clothes. I came on my to look for that girl as i turned around she was right behind me. She kept walking and left a warm fruity smell behind her.

"Wait" I shouted 

she kept on walking so I ran to her

"What" she screamed

"I'm lost, I don't know where I'am or who i'am please help me" saying while i was out of breath

"I dont even know you"

"But you will" I whispered softly as she was staring into my eyes, she was so much more beautiful close up.

To be continued......

btw should the boy be Harry styles comment thanks shemurrtilkins!!! 

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