Stormy Nights - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel To Missing You)

When Leah is eight months pregnant, Harry is finally able to get a plane ticket to go see his blind best friend. Leah allows him to go, but what happens when the weather holds Harry up, and he is stuck at Louis' home? What will Leah do when she goes into labour? How will Harry get to her? Where will Leah go, if she can't drive herself to the hospital? What happens when Zayn has a double? Who will end up with who, and who will end up where?


1. Chapter One

Leah's POV

"Harry, pass me the Tylenol," I groan, laying back on the couch. "Headache again?" He asks, handing me a glass of water and a red pill. I nod. I suddenly feel a blow to the stomach, and I sit up. "Ow," I mumble. And then, I smile. "Well, our baby is violent," I laugh, patting my stomach. "What?" He asks, confused. "I just felt the baby kick," I smile. Harry laughs, throwing his arms around me. When he pulls away, I shiver. The wind blows through every open window, screaming and twirling and sending chills up my spin. It's eerie. Harry tosses me a blanket and walks over to shut all of the windows. "I'm freezing. I'm going to turn up the heat in this house. I think the weather is going to get pretty bad tonight," Harry explains, and then he leaves the room.

Harry's POV

I turn up the temperature and then walk back out to the kitchen. My laptop is on the counter, so I pick it up and bring it over to the kitchen table. There is a picture of Leah and I on it, from about two months ago. I pick it up and I throw It at her. "What was that for?" She grumbles, picking up the photo that landed just in front of her. She laughs, and then throws it back at me.

Her stomach has really increased in size. She is incredibly ecstatic for the baby, as am I. We still haven't made it to the doctor's, so we have not bought anything that wouldn't be alright for both genders. We painted the room a light blue and decorated it a few weeks ago.

I pull up the weather channel website, and I frown. "We are supposed to have really heavy snow and high winds tonight. It talks about a snowstorm," I tell Leah. She gasps. "No, I hate storms!" She exclaims, curling up under the blanket and sticking her head underneath her pillow. "We will be fine," I assure her.

I walk over to Leah and I sit down on the table opposite her, blocking the television from view. "What are you doing?" she asks, annoyed. I shrug. "Nothing," I say, innocently. I can barely keep a straight face as she tries to watch her program. "I'm trying to watch TV!" She whines, and, giving up, she proceeds to throw the remote at me. It lands in my lap. "No need for throwing things!" I laugh. Seeing no interest in staying, I walk back over to my computer. I log into my email account and refresh the page. The first email that comes up appeals to me. "Airline tickets now on sale!" It reads. I click on it.

I gasp, my face in between surprised and glee. Out of pure joy I read, realizing I can finally get a plane ticket to go see Louis in Doncaster. But then, I realize something.

Leah is eight months pregnant. She can give birth early just as easily as she can late. She needs me at a time like this. Especially when there are storms around, she needs someone to run around the house and turn on the generator and bring in the dog. She needs me.

But so does Louis.

And now,


I have to choose.

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