The End of the World

3 friends meet in a diner awaiting their crazy friend who believes he knows about the end of the world... DUN, DUN, DUN!!!!!


1. Yes, yes it is.


Three people sitting alone in the corner of a, unpopular, small café in the afternoon. No one else is there. They sit awkwardly as if waiting for someone. Even if it is a city, no outside noise is heard. Lin sits near the edge of the curved couch, Kim in between and Tim sits by the window staring out side looking bored. The sky is dark and cloudy; it looks like it may rain.


Tim, Kim, Lin, Mich, Rich, Cashier, Random guy who gets shot in the door way, Solider

Scene 1

Tim: [staring out window] it’s unusually quiet today.

Kim: [halfheartedly] Lovely weather we’re having.

Lin: I guess if you like cloudy skies and damp air.

Tim: [still looking out window] Yeah…

Lin: What do you think Mich wants to tell us?

Kim: I don’t know [Turns to Tim] do you know?

Tim: [still looking out window] No.

[Kim sighs and slumps back into the couch]

Tim: [still looking out the window] it’s raining now. Not a lot, just a sprinkle.

Kim: [sarcastically] Yay!

[The front door to the café opens the little bell above chimes. Lin and Kim look expectantly towards the door. Tim still looks out the window unconcerned. Mich walks into view holding an umbrella covered in silver foil.]

Kim: There you are! What's with the foil?

Tim: [still looking out the window] It’s raining harder now.

Mich: [folds up umbrella] It tells me how hard it’s raining exactly, and it sounds cool.

Lin: And you can get electrocuted.

Tim: [still looking out window] No, no lightning yet.

Mich: There will be soon enough.

Kim: So what is so important that you had us all meet here?  

[Mich sighs and almost sits on Lin. Lin quickly scoots in glaring at Mich]

Kim: Well, what is so important that you all have us here at once?

Mich: [sighs] I have been following the news and weather reports and I think… no, I know… it is going to happen today.

Kim: What is?

Mich: The… end of the world.


Scene 2

Tim: [still looking out the window] I just saw lightning.

Lin: The end of the world? You cannot be serious, Mich.

Mich: BUT I AM! The world has been falling to odd forces of nature all over. It’s just as the Aztecs predicted!

Kim: It was the Mayans.

Mich: Whatever. The matter is that it is the end of the world. A tornado in New York City just like a tsunami in the middle Africa.

Lin: A tsunami in Africa?

Mich: [passively] It was on CNN and you don’t watch CNN.

Lin: [Looks at Kim and Tim] Can I talk to you guys?

Mich: [stands up] Yeah!

Lin: no, I mean, just Kim and Tim.

Tim: [still looking out the window] I prefer to stay here.

Kim: Yeah, you can talk to us here.

Lin: I want to talk to you privately. Just to discuss certain… [Gives a quick glance at Mich] logical things.

[Lin and Kim get up from the curved chair. Lin looks at Tim]

Lin: Are you joining us?

Tim: [still looking out the window] I said I prefer to stay here.

[Lin shrugs and directs Kim behind the counter and into the kitchen]

Mich: [starts talking as they leave] Lovely weather we’re having?

Tim: [still looking out the window] Eh. There is going to be a tornado in New York and a tsunami in Africa? Anything else unusual going on?

Mich: Well… Seattle hasn’t seen rain all spring.

Tim: [still looking out the window] That is interesting.

Mich: There was a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Tim: [still looking out the window] There is always an eruption in Iceland.

[A loud band from the kitchen door makes both Mich and Tim look in that direction]


Scene 3

[Kim and Lin are alone in the café kitchen]

Lin: Can you believe Mich? Walks in with a foil covered umbrella and tells us the world is going to end because there was a tsunami in Africa? I bet he made that up.

[Lin looks through the small window in the kitchen door at Mich]

Kim: He said it was on CNN.

Lin: [looks back at Kim] I doubt it was on CNN.

Kim: Do you watch CNN?

Lin: No, but that doesn’t matter. Mich is crazy.

Kim: I don’t think he’s crazy. Maybe misled. But I don’t know, maybe he’s right.

Lin: Maybe he’s right? Now you’re talking crazy.

Kim: Well what are you going to do if he is right?

Lin: He’s not right; he’s making this all up.

Kim: Then what are you going to do to prove that he is making it all up?

Lin: I’m not sure…

Kim: He says that there is going to be a tornado here, in New York City. I don’t see a tornado.

Lin: [Pointing index finger upwards] Exactly! We’ll prove the fact that there won’t be a tornado!

Kim: That’s great and all but we don’t know when the tornado will happen.

Lin: Probably today, he wouldn’t have gathered us today if the world was to end a month from… ask him?

Kim: [Sticks her head out of the kitchen door] Hey Mich!?

Mich: Yes?

Kim: When is the tornado going to happen?

Mich: Any minute now.

[Kim returns to Lin]

Kim: He said it should happen any minute now.

Lin: I heard. [Pause] So we wait here the whole time and prove that there will not be a tornado in New York and that the world is not going to end.

Kim: [uncertainly] okay…

Lin: What?  Do you really think that the world is going to end?

Kim: Well…

[Lin moans]

Kim: No! it’s just that I don’t want to wait here the whole time because I will miss my soaps and I think Randy is going to propose to Marisa today and they’re so cute together but I have a feeling Justin is going to do something… and I don’t want to miss it.

[Lin walks out of the kitchen ignoring Kim. He walks over to the table and takes back his seat. Kim follows and takes her seat.]


Scene 4

Mich: So what did you discuss?

[Kim looks at Lin as if to say “what should we tell him?”]

Lin: Oh, nothing. The tornado is today right?

Mich: Yup, it should be any minute now. It’s going to be big and suck everything into it.

Lin: [looks out window] Man I think you have lost your marbles. It’s just a storm; it doesn’t even look windy.

Tim: [still looking out the window] No, it’s quite windy alright.

Lin: [challenging] So you’re taking Mich’s side? No wonder you didn’t join us.

Tim: [turns from the window to look at Lin blankly] I am stating the fact that it is clearly windy [turns back to the window]

Kim: [pause] Is there really a side to pick?

Lin: [angrily] Of course there is! Mich who thinks it’s the end of the world and I KNOW it is not the end of the world.

Tim: [still looking out the window] Talk about windy, we put Chicago to shame.

Lin: [turns to Kim] Well? Who do you pick?

Kim: [Looks from Mich to Lin and back again] …I… um… it’s windy and if he says there is going to be a tornado… it looks windy enough for a tornado… but…

Lin: [interrupts] Ah, I see, Mich then. Whatever, I want some hot chocolate.

[Lin shoves Mich out of the way and leaves. Kim and Mich speak at the same time]

Kim: I did not say that!

Mich: Don’t go out there!

[The bell over the door jingles and the door slams shut.]

Tim: [still looking out the window] I just saw Lin fly by.

Kim: Fly?

Tim: [still looking out window] Like Superman except in a spiraling cartwheel.

[Mich and Kim stare terrified out the window]

Tim: [still looking out the window] And… he just hit a lamppost. Look at that DENT!

Kim: [cries] Oh my goodness!

Mich: [softly said] So do you believe me now?

Kim: [stops crying abruptly] Believe?! We are going to die! I am going to miss my soaps! [She jumps up and run for the door acting frantic] What's there to believe!? [Kim opens the door and runs out]

Tim: [still looking out the window] Kim did a cartwheeling Superman.

Mich: [almost as if he actually didn't believe it himself] We are going to die aren’t we?

Tim: [still looking out window] Yes. Yes, I do believe we will.

Mich: [sitting back down] So this is the end.

Tim: [looks at Mich] Did you not believe yourself?

Mich: I was hoping I was wrong.

Tim: [looks out the window] Well, you were right.

Mich: I know…

Scene 5

[Suddenly a person bursts in with a rope tied around their waist.]

Rich: [surprised and excited] SURVIVORS! Oh, I am so glad to see you! Are there others? Of course. They’re in the back aren’t they? I’ll go check!

[Tries to walk forward but are restricted by the rope; he laughs at himself and unties it. He runs to the back and disappears. Mich and Tim exchange an odd look and then Rich comes back]

Rich: There are no others are there?

Tim: [looking out the window] No, sorry you just missed them. They already left.

Rich: [looks off into distance] Lulled into the excitement of the wind tunnel.

Mich: Excuse me?

Rich: It may look fun to fly. But then you realize what actually is going on and then it’s too late.

Mich: Oh…

Rich: Anyway, I found this guy! [Pulls the cashier out from behind the counter]

Cashier: [struggling] Let me go you buffoon!

Rich: If you say so!

[Rich lets go of his hold on the man. He is much smaller in comparison to Rich. He smooth’s out his apron and faces the three]

Cashier: So it is the end of the world?

Rich: Uh, duh!

[Cashier sighs and pulls out a shotgun from under the counter]

Mich: Whoa! What are you doing with that?!

Tim: [still looking out window] If you hit this window, we will all be sucked in like a vacuum.

Cashier: Exactly.

Rich: [bouncing around eccentrically] NO! What? You’re crazy!

Cashier: [aims gun at window] There will be no chance in fighting, it’s all pointless.

[Rich hits him with a frying pan. He collapses Rich stares at pan in awe]

Rich: It made a gong sound!

[Rich starts to bang pan on the counter creating several gong sounds, Rich laughs with joy. Tim and Mich hold their hands over their ears until he stops. Rich notices the shot gun and drops the pan to pick up the gun.]

Mich: [nervously putting his hand up] Hey! Stop!

Rich: [laughing] No worries, I’m not going to shoot anyone.

[The door opens and the sound of the bell makes Rich jump. Rich fires the gun as soon as he sees the newcomer. He barely says anything before he is killed]

Mich: [stares in horror at the body] You said… you just… YOU’RE INSANE!

Rich: [sadly] I… I didn’t mean to. I’m going to put this down.

Mich: You better.

[Rich slowly puts the gun down. Tim leans in closer to the window]

Scene 6

Tim: [still looking in the window] I think I see something. In the distance.

Mich: [runs to the window] WHAT?!

Tim: [still looking in the window] I don’t know, it looks like a large car or van.

Rich: [looking over Mich shoulder] or a beast who has come to devour us whole!

[Tim and Mich both glare at Rich]

Tim: [still looking out the window] no, I see people.

Mich: We’re saved!

Tim: [still looking out the window] I’m... not so sure about that

Mich: Why?

Tim: It could be anyone, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re saved.

[Door opens again and a military guy walks in]

Solider: Civilians! You must get out of here!

Rich: [runs to the man excitedly] You don’t have to say it twice!

Mich: [walking to the solider] Tim come on!

Tim: [still looking out the window] I’d rather not. You go ahead.

Mich: don’t stay! That’s suicide!

Tim: [looks at Mich, sternly] I’m staying, you go.

Mich: okay.

[Military man attaches something to rich and Mich and they leave. The wind blows harder and the 3 get swept up in the tunnel.]

Tim: [looking out window] 3 more cartwheeling Supermen.


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