Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


10. Where Do We Go From Here

MY MASTER LEFT GEORGIA SO THAT WE COULD BOTH HAVE A HORSE. Danny and I had made a deal. I would do the dishes and she would do the cooking. We took it in turns to guard and sleep and were on horses most of the time.  Life was getting more boring by the day but I could feel something building. It was like that feeling you get when your lying in the sun only to look up for no apparent reason and see a dark cloud headed your way. One day we were on the road. We had stopped for me to track down Prithuhara when all of a sudden...


  Robbers burst from both sides of the track. There must have been at least twenty of them. I knew I could take them but fet strangely vulnerable having to protect someone. I boosted Danny onto Georgia and drew out my dagger in one sleek movement.

  “Go,” I shouted “I’ll meet you later.

  More robbers burst out then paused.

  “Come on swee’ie,” crooned one of them “‘and o’er your purse and no one gets ‘urt.”

  He looked me squarely in the eye and I could see the laughter hidden behind them, see how much he enjoyed what he did, scaring others and getting rich off it and could feel my anger grow. I stabbed him squarely between the ribs and he collapsed.

  “Who’s next?” I declared cheerfully as they all started backing off.

  Wiping the blade on the grass, I sheathed my dagger, leapt onto Franchisee and rode off to find Danny. As I rode I contemplated what had just happened. No matter what I did and how well justified it was, I couldn't help feeling that this power, this ability to kill, was something that could make me a completely different person and I just wanted to start anew.

  Two minutes later, I found Danny, staring at me in awe. We continued, getting closer and closer to Prithuhara, closer and closer to my destiny. Closer. I could feel the Master of Destruction a few miles away, and could tell that he had sensed me too.

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