Witches in training!

Lexie's journey to her 11th birthday was rough she admits it .Here is the story starting on her 11th birthday. Description of the twins Lexie is a perky metamorphagus , and full veela and sweet as can be ... Lavender is a nice girl and has fallen for a certain someone . Lexie & Lavender have boyfriends at school and they will appear soon .


6. Hogwarts

We decided to name or cats journey ( lavenders cat) and destiny (Lexie's cat). We packed our trunks and headed to platform 9 3/4 ... Our running into the platform went great and we had seats in the only empty compartment . We waved out the window to mum and dad, then sat down and someone came into our compartment . A bushy haired girl asked us came and asked if we had seen a toad and that her name was hermione . We said no and we will look for it . She also said that we would be arriving soon and that we should change into our robes so we did . When we got to Hogwarts we were really scared so we stuck together and met a pretty odd man called hagrid then he led us on boats. I turned around and didn't see lavender . "Lavender? Lavender? " she popped up and scared me for no reason and then said " You should have seen your face !!!" Then she started laughing really hard after she stopped I said "Stop it lav you scared the bloody hell out of me! Don't do that again or I owl mummy " . Then a woman came and gathered up us first years and led us to the great hall.

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