adopted by louis tomlinson

when 6 year old lux nobody gets adopted by louis tomlinson her life changes. even though she is 6 she still knows more than the oldest kids in the orphanage. when her and harry have a strong bond louis is almosted pushed out of her life! what will happen when lux is 13? will she choose her dad or harry? read to find out what happens.


1. lux

  lux's p.o.v

 hi! my name is lux nobody. im 6 years old and i have a huge vocabulary! the reason my last name is nobody is because my parents just put me by the doors of the orphanage with a paper that said 'hi my name is lux' no last or middle name. i like to say my middle name is lynn because i love that name! i am sitting on my bed thinking of diffrent ways i can escape from this place. the people here are so mean! i took my i phone 4s off the charger. yes i have a phone. the only reason i have one is because i saved enough money and i have no adult supervision.i went to my music and put on one direction. i decided too down staris. as i walked by the door i hurd a knock. i oped it and couldnt belive who was in front of me.

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