Samantha is a girl, but she isn't like any other girl. She has a life full of secrets, she changes from nerd to bully in one day. You have to get on her good side or she'll get revenge, that is exactly what happened when Harry Styles has his first day at school on one of Sam's nerdy days. Read more to find out!!


1. First Day

Harry's POV

"WAKE UP HARRY! WAKE UP!!!" Louis screamed while jumping up and down on my bed.

"Let me sleep a little more- AHHHHH!!!" I mumbled but was cut off when ice cold water hit me. "What was that for!!!" I moaned, there was hysterical laughter.

"Come on Harry it's your first day." Liam was nicer that Louis and Zayn, he was the one who threw water on me. I groaned, "Remind me... Why do I have to go to school again?"

"Because, Management said so." Niall explained. I nodded and shooed the boys out of my room to get dressed.




Hi!! Im sorry that this chapter is sooo short!!:( I'll try and make my next one longer!! Bye!!


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