She left for college, so did he. They didn't know each over. She saw him , he saw her. They fell in love......



1. Chapter 1

'Bye mom , bye dad' I shouted as she walked out the front door. I  walked down the long pathway and into the garage where my  car is parked. iI  throws the boxes in the trunk and jump  in. I  quickly checks my  phone, to find a text message from my  best friend Lela. I  turn off  my phone and start the car. I  drove out of the garage and on to the road. I  turned to look back at the house I  grew up in her whole life. I saw her mom waving out the window. I waved then drove off. I  drove down several motorways. I  blared out the Proclaimers music so loud Chicago could hear it. I thought about her new life and how it  is so excited to enter it. I  started to get tired around 7 pm . I found a little hotel and stayed in there for the night. I  got back in her car and drove for hours on end until I reached my  destination.  Brown University. This was my  dream college but I  never thought I would get in. I parked up and took out my  boxes and threw them on the floor. A man came over and said 'Hello there dear , let me help you with that.' He lifted up her boxes and put then in a trolley. I took the trolley and pushed it into the reception. I queued up for a while when she finally got to the desk. 'Name please' said the largely sized lady with a very abrupt voice. 'Rebecca Kurnal' I  answered sternly. Suddenly the ladies voice became nice and sweet. 'Oh Rebecca Kurnal' she said. 'The girl who's dad is a millionaire?'   'Yes' I  answered. The lady nudged her friend who was sitting next to her and whispered 'That's Rebecca Kurnal' The lady gasped . 'Really?' She asked her friend is disbelief. 'Yes Maureen that's her!' I  just stood there waiting. Maureen asked me  a load of questions like : 'How is it to be rich?' What does it feel like to be famous?' 'Can you give me 50 bucks for the cab ride home?'I answered with , 'Fine' , 'I'm not famous' and 'Hell no!'. I grabbed the keys for her dorm and pushed the  trolley down the hall.


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