No Water

For the contest "24 hour poetry contest" based around water.

I chose to write about Shanty Towns (slums) because although there's a huge sense of community they have no health or clean water.

ENJOY! (or not because its depressing)


1. No water

We live in a shanty town,

The river our sewage,

The street our toilet,

The staple food porridge,


Our clothes washed in the drain,

Our children play in the loo,

It’s all very normal though,

We used to do it too,


We walk miles for water,

Though it’s not normally clean,

It helps us stay alive,

It’s better than it seems,


We're one beautiful community,

We all pitch in,

It only works if we stick together,

Or we might as well be in the bin,


But like a giant village,

We just keep churning on,

So long as we have water,

We’ll never be quite gone.

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